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    DT Swiss Hub Upgrade time - Pawl to Star Ratchet

    Just posting to share my recent experience, blowing my Novatec hub on my 29er and upgrading to a DT Swiss 350 star ratchet hub. I then swapped to the 54 tooth ratchet and went from 20 degrees to about 6 degrees of engagement. WOW, truly an amazing transformation and makes my forced upgrade/replacement hub worth it.

    So I got to thinking and began researching converting my fat bike (DT Swiss 370 hub on the Canyon Dude). Although it has a 3 pawl system, I found a fantastic video of a guy showing how to swap in a 240/350 ratchet drive. Parts are on order to make the fatty a 54t star ratchet as well.

    I just never considered something so small would impact my riding that much. Anyone else notice drastic changes with increased points of engagement? I ride very technical roots and rocks for what its worth.

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_XpRZCLTX4
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    When the engagement point count goes up, the ride improves immensely.
    I have 108 point engagement on one bike and an Onyx sprag drive on another. The sprag is near zero lash engagement and makes 108 point seem sloppy. The difference on the trails is an outstanding ride experience as opposed to an average experience. With power more accessible, clearing a section becomes more enjoyable and easier.

    20 degree would be horrendous, indeed
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    Some people notice the difference, some don't. Some think the difference is important, some simply don't care. Sounds like you're in the former camp on both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesee View Post
    Some people notice the difference, some don't. Some think the difference is important, some simply don't care.
    It's a very interesting observation!

    I was in the firmly in the 'Care' camp, and made a conscious decision to get i9 hubs for my plus bike build and I loved these when I got them. Fast forward 12 months, I did a wheel building course and laced up a wheelset for my Fatbike with DTSwiss 350 and standard 18t ratchet.

    I straight out thought that it was going to be awful with such low engagement, as when I ride the fatbike on the beach, its usually very technical rock crawling that frequently needs half pedals and the like. I was thinking I'll goto the 54t in the near future, as the fat hubs that were being replaced, were 36t.

    What I found, was that I don't/didn't notice. Or at least not to a point where it is causing me not to clean lines that we are trying. In fact, I prefer the 'reliability' that it may be offering; at one steep sharp climb I try, the hub see's full force on the pedals as you stall out in 1st grear, would a 54t hold up to that, time after time? Who knows? And the beauty is that if it did fail I could be back running in 5 mins if needed.

    Forward another 12 months, and I have built another 350 into my Salsa Vaya wheelset, I again don't notice the 18t engagement and in fact am now moving into the 'Don't care' camp.

    I am not saying I am right, just that it's not something that I think about when out playing about on the bike anymore!

    What camp are you in, Mike??

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