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    Drilled Rolling Daryl/Clownshoe rim on dirt

    Quick question - is anyone using a drilled/lightened Surly Rolling Daryl or Clownshoe 'offroad' on dirt roots rocks etc rather than sand n snow? If so, how is it dealing with it? Any disaster stories - my rim folded when I sneezed, etc? Looking at getting a Mukluk with 80 or 100mm rims for the euro winter, we had lots of snow last year, but it's first rides will likely be in California on dirt, and am slightly scared if I go for my ideal snow rims (80/100mm single wall drilled) they might bite the dust before I even make it to the snow.



    Oh yes, almost certainly using BFLs. Surely with a decent pressure in them, nothing will get through to the rim will it?! Or is it the tyre pressure or the 'taco forces' when you jam a wheel between rocks or roots that do it?

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    I have the drilled Rolling Darryl's, rode all summer on dirt trails (the odd beach, but few & far between).
    They have held up fine.
    Couple rides I had too low pressure & took a bad line, smoking a root or rock quite hard. I have a couple small dents on the rear rim but nothing that affects actual usage of the rim.

    I'm about 170 lbs geared up.

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    I've got lots of non snow miles on my Rolling D's. Still as straight as day one, and that's on a pug with offset wheels. Symetric built wheels will probably be stronger.
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    80mm Cutout Rolling Darryls here.

    I've been riding on single track and gravel/road on my rolling daryls here and have had no problems as of yet (~100 miles) tons of ruts/jumps/ and abuse.

    I did for some reason notice (after almost that 100 miles) that I have a centered front and off centered rear. Not sure if this will create problems...

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    Rolling Darryls with Larrys here.

    I've ridden trails, gravel, and urban including several stair cases, rail road ties, and small-ish drops. My rims are still straight as the day they were laced.

    I wouldn't say I've "thrashed" them, but I am not worried that they wouldn't hold up for average XC/Trail type use with little to no air and a smooth style.

    That said, I am going to "retire" my wheels to snow only duty though, as I am going to Uma II's @70mm wide. Better for XC use and lighter.
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    Thanks all! So no probs whatsoever with rolling Daryls. Hmm, maybe I'll go for one of those rear and a clownshoe upfront (the opposite of what floats best on snow I suppose).

    Guitar Ted - I thought the claimed weights for the rolling Daryl and Uma II 70mm were identical! Does the Daryl have a beadlock, that's about the only difference in the specs I can spot (apart from the 10mm but the Umas supposedly shape the tyre 10mm wider).

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