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    Disney snow simulation

    This is barely related to bikes...

    Only reason I'm posting this here is the curiosity if this could ever be used for simulating how big a tire you'd need to ride in X type of snow with Y rider weight:

    Disney's Frozen - A Material Point Method For Snow Simulation - YouTube

    I know the guy is speaking English but if you can understand him at all, pat yourself on the back.
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    It seems like it would certainly be able to be used for that. It would be interesting to see if someone could build a program where you input variables such as total weight of rider/bike, tire/rim size, snow depth, snow type, temperature, etc... and have it spit out a visual representation of what it would look like to ride in those conditions as well as numeric details such as depth the tires would sink, best weight distribution etc...

    Or, even a reverse of that... Input variables and it tells you what the ideal tire size is based on how you distribute the weight and how much float you want vs. rolling resistance. That could be used to help find the best set-up for a tour, though snow conditions change place to place and day to day.

    Thanks for posting the vid. It's really cool to see how they do the snow simulation!

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