Carver Ti Omega'Beast insights?-
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    Carver Ti Omega'Beast insights?

    While I go on a wild goose chase for a CS-197 frame, I also started poking around titanium frames to see what is available. Lots of builders and shops offer lots of frames and it's very cool to see. Titanium is sexy for sure!

    One frame I bumped into for what seems to be a reasonable price (all things considered) is the Carver Ti Omega'Beast.

    Ti Omega'Beast Frame - Carver Bikes


    I emailed a few questions to Carver today (Saturday) and got a super fast reply from Forrest Carver. Very cool, especially on a weekend!

    The frame costs at least 2x any Chinese carbon frame ... but I imagine there's more than 2x value in this case.

    One thing I don't see for this frame is a geometry chart whereas the O'Beast frame has one.

    Does anyone have one of these frames? How does it ride? What tires are you riding?

    Remember, I am coming from a Motobecane "Boris the Brut Sprung" which rides like a tank. Slow ... but goes over everything.

    Would love to read your insights!

    -=- Boris

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    Nobody here has an Omega’Beast? I figured someone would have chimed in singing praises or ranting complaints.

    -=- Boris

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6BQ5 View Post
    Nobody here has an Omega’Beast? I figured someone would have chimed in singing praises or ranting complaints.

    -=- Boris
    In general, I see Ti as more of a luxury/personal thing, rather than a functional one. It's not more reliable than aluminum, it tends to be more brittle and fail at the welds, which are very hard to do properly, even for big reputable companies. Ti is a good metal for certain things, like high temperature resistance, but it's never lived up to the hype or wonder-material claims. Heat transmission isn't quite as bad as Alu, but it's still metal and that's where carbon fiber comes in. It's a treat in the winter to have a frame and parts that are not like grabbing a block of ice when you have to touch them. Granted, that's more rare with the frame, but it always seems like every little thing you can do to preserve warmth helps. IF I was going to buy a Ti frame, I'd get one from a big high quality manufacturer. Carver is an importer of Chinese stuff, mostly catalog-bike stuff. That's not to say they don't do their best to put out a decent product, but I wouldn't hold them in the same regard as Lynsky or others. I had a Carver carbon fork. It was nothing special, very obviously a Chinese catalog-item.

    Don't take that the wrong way, the CS-197 IS a catalog-item as well, but I feel the frame material is simply far more functional. It's lighter, it's very strong (stronger than my previous LaMere that cracked), takes XXL 5.05" tires, has the two-position dropouts, etc.

    I've seen the Ti Carver, a few people around here have the Ti Fatbacks. IME, the frame material doesn't make a huge difference in riding, vs. things like carbon forks significantly lighten the front end and make lofting the wheel and maneuvering much easier. The ride quality is not drastically different. With such massive tires, all the magic happens there IME.

    Just my opinion though.
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