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    Carbon Mavericks

    This is just an idea..but...when I was talking to them the other day, whom ever I was talking to, it wasn't Mike, said that there are lots of fat bike riders interested in their forks.

    If fat bikes grow like we all think they should that could provide a good market share for them. I suggested that since they already make a proprietary front hub and the DUC is a dual crown fork so clearing the downtube is not an issue why not do the next ones with a 135 or 140 mm hub and give it clearance for at least a Nate if not a BFL. It's only going to make for a stronger dishless wheel for those who don't want fat and opens the market up to them for those who do want fat.

    He also said that if enough people pre-order they could do a run. As it is they are small and don't have unlimited funds and the big carbon manufacturer has a minimum order.

    So maybe if enough of us get together and voice that we want it fat and that if they make it fat we will pre-order it we might have a good suspension fork for the faties.
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    They rebuilt mine a couple months ago, came back like brand new! I've been bugging them ever since about keeping something on the market for fat bikes. They've told me twice now that they plan to bring back an improved version of the SC32 as soon as they can get to it. I rode a very long, very rocky, very old ridge top road last Sat. With the tires aired down a bit and the Mav. up front, I was cruisin' plush! would have been way behind without it. I'm convinced, the Maverick is the main component that makes my XCish fatty work so well for all around, all year long riding. Without it, it would stay parked in the garage on lot's of rides.


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