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    Burley Coho Trailer

    This has a super nice design and actually fits fatties out of the box!!!


    Burley Coho Trailer-burley_coho_back.jpg

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    So has this been out for over a year now? I just found out about it and ordered one with all the extras, rack and 16+ wheel kit.

    I'm coming from years of using the B.O.B. and Surly BILL trailers, and I'm seeing some nice innovations with this Burley SoHo XC trailer here.

    A few years ago, I butchered my B.O.B. trailer by welding the back half of an electric moped to it, adding a larger (hub motor) wheel, rack, double-leg-kickstand, and huge panniers. It was a thing of beauty, although it weighed over 60 lbs and had no suspension. I trashed that abomination and went to the two-wheeled Surly BILL after that. I told myself I was sick of feeling the weight within the bike's "balance", but I loved being able to use the trailer's kickstand to hold up the entire rig while parked.

    This Burley SoHo XC has added "my" innovations to the B.O.B. design, but made everything better. I owe it my due respect. I plan on permanently mounting a motorcycle top-box to the rear platform rack on the Burley SoHo XC trailer.

    I just don't like how it comes apart "without tools" with all those little pins. I plan on replacing all the quick-pins with bolts, so it won't rattle when empty, and to dissuade against theft of its removable pieces.

    (I keep calling it the "SoHo" because it rolls off the tongue better than "COHO" and I don't know what "Coho" means.)

    This Burley single-wheeled-trailer seems heavy, but I'll be utilizing a new BBSHD mid-drive motor to pull its weight up hills. My main goal and reason I'm building this eBike, is for pulling a trailer, and decided to "upgrade" to this new Burley for my purposes. My route to the grocery store involves about a half-mile of dirt singletrack, so the two-wheeled Surly BILL would've been bothersome.

    Amazon had the cheapest price I could find yesterday, on Black Friday, for $335.16: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DX9NXNK...ustomerReviews

    It's like they merged the "extra wheel trailer" with a "B.O.B." Ibex trailer, by adding the rear-most rack capable of mounting panniers to. They deserve my money for their innovations. The semi-fat tire is just superfluous, but I couldn't resist.

    The B.O.B. and Surly use bearings for the trailer to attach to. These "Burley Ballz" seem like they're more like a traditional ball and tongue hitch, with a static spherical ball-shape to ride upon. If so, I plan to grease my balls, but it seems like a poor design that will eventually rub my burley ballz raw and wear them down :/ I'll know more when the package arrives next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gritter View Post

    (I keep calling it the "SoHo" because it rolls off the tongue better than "COHO" and I don't know what "Coho" means.).......
    A Coho is a type of Pacific salmon also called Silver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sryanak View Post
    A Coho is a type of Pacific salmon also called Silver.
    SoHo is short for South of Houston Street.
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    Pure GARBAGE

    I ended up returning the Burley SoHo XC trailer, because I've never been so disgusted by poor quality and numerous design flaws before. This thing is pure garbage, with 5-star shill reviews on Amazon.

    (Amazon doesn't approve my reviews and deletes the (nice/polite) comments I've made on the shill-reviews.)

    Save yourselves the headaches and skip this one. If you decide to try it out anyway, don't say I didn't warn you.

    I was really excited, because I wanted the double leg kick-stand to support my bike, but the legs didn't adjust long enough to work with a regular 29'er. They way you adjust the kickstand is terrible too. It's so annoying, and unstable.

    All the hardware is made from the softest metal I've ever encountered. The allen heads strip from looking at them the wrong way. I had to drill out two bolts to remove the pannier rack in order to return this garbage.

    The pannier rack blocks you from being able to release the quick-release lever to remove the wheel, and you also lose the ability to utilize all the tool-less fold up functions, since the rear swing-arm is now bolted on with the rack.

    The "handle" used for one-handed release from the bike is made from multiple pieces of jagged plastic, and its pieces leave gaps and it's loose and feels like it's going to disintegrate in your hand.

    The flooring is made of thin flexible plastic, and will likely warp if left in the sun - looks like it's made form thermo-plastic.

    Of course it's made in China, but I wouldn't mind if it was usable. The first one I received was so misaligned that the front fork wouldn't fit into the body. The replacement had loose shards of aluminum schlaag rattling around inside the hollow tubes of its frame. It's rear swing-arm was bent so much the tire was rubbing the side of the arm. Quality control? Don't make me laugh - ha ha ha.

    Once you get it all put together, the entire thing shakes and rattles, as nothing has tight tolerances. What a relief to be rid of it.

    I wish Surly would release a single-wheel, suspended trailer for use on single-track. I would buy another BOB Ibex, if it added a kickstand and rear pannier racks... I liked the "features" of the CoHo, but poor implementation made it unusable. I'm over it.
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