Long time reader, first time poster on this forum. Looking forward to contributing to more posts.

A question for the brains trust out there. I have recently purchased a Norco Big Foot 6.2. Although I wasn't completely impressed with the specs of the bike, I still went ahead and bought it as the price was right and the size - XL was available. This is something hard to find over in Australia, in terms of frame size.

Anyway, I am slowly replacing the parts I don't like and have hit a stumbling block with the bottom bracket and cranks. Research has led me down many pathways but none have provided answers. Hence my post.

I am chasing a decent quality bottom bracket and cranks to suit for this bike. I believe, like most fat bikes that the bracket needs to be 100mm and the cranks obviously need to suit. Shimano don't seem to go there with these sizings and it seems it is all down to Race Face components with direct mount.

My intention is to convert the bike to a 1x11 setup so naturally this would have to suit as well.

I look forward to hearing of other peoples recommendations and appreciate any advice.

Many thanks