Best Pads for Fat Biking in Winter-
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    Best Pads for Fat Biking in Winter

    What are the best type of pads for biking in the cold and snow? Sintered/Resin/Metallic

    I have BB7s on a Pugsley and trying to ride quietly.

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    That's not really a function of the pad compound, it's a function of the weight of the caliper/pads and the natural frequency resonating. On a lot of frames, as the seatstay/chainstay has gotten lighter and lighter, this has become more of an issue. To completely get rid of squeal can be tricky, because changing one part of the system may fix it, or it may not, it's kind of random chance unless you have the ability to isolate each part. As an example, the brakes on one of my previous cars had pads with weights added to them at the factory, because in testing the brakes squealed, the weights looked like "roller skates" and were referred to as such in the user groups.

    I get a little squeal when I encounter a little moisture and have to burn it off, but after that, my shimano brakes are silent in the rain, snow and cold.

    So, changing pad compound may may not. It may help someone else, may not help yours.
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    Thanks Jayem, would you recommend Mettalic or Sintered pads for the snow? Any idea? I used Organic Compound pads last year and this Spring but the seemed to be pretty quite for a while but wore out really quick.

    My previous pads whice I believe were the stock Avid BB7s lasted longer but were really noisy and I do not think worked well in the cold and wet.

    I realize there will most likely be some noise from time to time. I am more curious if people know there is better brake pad material for cold wet weather verses the others.


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    A suggestion that isn't directly pad related but does factor in a lot: TRP Spykes are great mechanical brakes. Way better than BB7s. TRP rotors (29s) also have gunk channels to get wetness off the brake.

    Here is the thing with TRP brakes and gets me to the pads: all their brakes will take Shimano pads. Therefore your pad options become WAY larger. The Spykes take M525/M515 pads, for instance.

    I run TRP brakes on every bike I own: Spyres on the road/gravel bike, Spykes on the fatty and Trails on the MTB. Can not recommend them enough.

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