Barbegazi vs. Gnarwahl width-
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    Barbegazi vs. Gnarwahl width

    Can someone give me measurements of both of these tires (in 27.5) at their widest points while mounted?

    Just trying to see how they actually compare in width. I've heard they use the same casing but I've also seen that the bead-to-bead width of the Barbe is larger.


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    I have a set of Barbe's mounted tubeless on 70mm rims. Haven't been ridden in ~a month, but still at ~7 or 8psi. 107mm casing width.

    I don''t have any Gnar's mounted right now.

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    Finally, the Barbegazi and Gnarwhal make up the 27.5 x 4.5″ segment for Bontrager with the Gnarwhal being the more aggressive, studdable version of the two. Because of that, the Gnarwhal 4.5″ is substantially heavier at 1506g vs 1253g. That makes the Barbegazi one of the lightest 27.5″ fat bike tires available in spite of also being one of the biggest.

    As you would expect, the Bontrager 4.5″ tires measured the widest of any on test, but they’re not quite 4.5″ wide. In fact, when mounted on the 77mm internal Whisky rims, they only measured 4.21″ for the Gnarwhal and 4.13″ for the Barbegazi. That’s still a substantial increase over the 3.8/4.0″ tires, but it just goes to show how much real world tire width can vary from claimed.
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    Sweet. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks!

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    I mounted a barbeghazi 27.5 for my rear and a gnarwhal on front this past winter racing season and the measurements at 8-10 lbs were just as the post above says.
    The Barbe just fit my 2020 alaskan carbon in the rear. If I go more than 10 lbs I get some rubbing but in winter, I never need more than 8ish. The gnarwhal was slightly wider but up front I have all kinds of room in my carbon fork or the Mastodon I made to 80mm travel.

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