Any reviews of the Schwinn Biggtitty-
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    Any reviews of the Schwinn Biggtitty

    Nothing came back after a search. This is the first I've seen a Schwinn fatbike. Are they still made by Yeti?
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    I am afraid to Google Schwinn Biggtitty...

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    Oh boy, another CannonDorelGooschwin.

    The world didn't have enough boat anchors with wheels and parts so cheap they;ll make your head spin or your body bleed, glad they joined the fray.
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    You had me at biggtitty....

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    This is probably the same bike that Costco sells with its Northland or whatever brand. FBSO I think, though if you had a cabin that you wanted to leave snow bikes at it would probably be perfect for that.
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    My first Fat Bike was Schwinn Biggity (From Canadian Tire) $350 last Fall
    Bought on a whim because it was cheap, stripped all the red decals off it as soon as I got it home.

    Quickly discovered it was barely okay to run to the store and back if there's no hills on the way.
    About 46+ pounds and horrible gearing, terrible braking... I would never use it off road.

    But it did get me interested enough in fatties to look for something better.
    Went looking for an entry level Norco Bigfoot when I found a barley used Trek Farley 7 Demo.

    Massive in size comparison but about 12 pounds lighter, despite a heavy Mastodon fork,
    27.5 x 4.5 Gnarwhals, the SRAM 1x11 gearing and hydraulic brakes were a total dream to ride in comparison.

    I made my GF ride the old Biggity on a recent trail ride and she seemed to do okay on it,
    except for when she had to push it up hill because the gearing and weight made it impossible to ride.

    Then I dropped my seatpost and put her on Big Red and let her try the Farley...she wouldn't give it back lol!
    "How dare you make me ride that heavy turd all day, no wonder you were kicking my ass!"

    So I let her have it and went out and bought a brand new 2020 Farley 7 (new 12 speed Eagle 11-50t)
    I'll probably keep the Biggity, but only for a street cruiser to run to the store and back.

    My best advice, up your budget to at least $900 or you may end up with something you will regret.
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    What a great name for a bike. Below reviewed and likes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Co-opski View Post
    Nothing came back after a search. This is the first I've seen a Schwinn fatbike. Are they still made by Yeti?

    You've been here since 2013? If nothing else you should know that anything worth $350 new isn't worth the gas consumed to go pick it up.

    Edit: this should have been posted here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockcrusher View Post
    This is probably the same bike that Costco sells with its Northland or whatever brand. FBSO I think, though if you had a cabin that you wanted to leave snow bikes at it would probably be perfect for that.
    Unfortunately no.

    I went to CT and looked at the Biggity DLX in early 2019 when someone else was considering it.

    It's a Pacific Cycles somewhat updated Mongoose Dolomite or Malus, dressed up some and under a different Brand, complete with cruiser bike gearing. I didn't look close enough as it's essentially the same bike, same build quality, same component quality (except for one part, but I can't remember what it was), same problems, same limitations. Still needs all of the updates, except possibly hub replacements hard to find as I didn't bother to count the spokes.
    If you're considering a Biggity, go and read the Dolomite thread so you're aware of all of the issues you may have or will likely have, including what should be serviced before you ever ride it. There's somewhat of a review of typical problems on the 15th page of that thread (currently the last page).

    There was another bike there at CT that was a bit more ($100?, $150?), had name brand brakes and gear changer, gears that weren't cruiser bike gearing so you actually ride it on other than flat cruiser bike paths without having to upgrade the gearing. Assuming you stripped the grease out of the hubs and BB before riding it (in case it's one of the ones with the metal particles in the grease...), and re-grease it, it appears to be ride-able and usable without immediate upgrades required. Apart from that, the rest is still 'department store' quality.

    IMPORTANT: if you do go the CT route for one of the 'department store' quality-level bikes, get one that is still in a box and was never put together. Pretty much guaranteed they rode it out back after they put it together, and if there's any metal particles/filings/debris in the grease in the bearings, it's done damage already. (It is fun there to look at the bikes and see how many parts have been put on backwards, etc..)

    The one at Costco is a much better quality for similar or even lower price, depending on the CT bike you're considering. However, apparently there are issues with it using custom parts so the upgrade path is said to be very limited. I'd take it over my Dolomite any day. My nephew got their 29er from Costco and loves it. He's a Clyde, rides to work and goes and gets muddy on some flat trails. I tuned the wheels to ensure they'd take his load without tacoing and he's had no problems.
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    if it was actually called the BigTitty, that would still be the only good thing about this BSO.

    Alas it's called the Biggity so there's nothing good whatsoever about it.
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