Any chain tire rub on the Surly or Salsa?-
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    Any chain tire rub on the Surly or Salsa?

    I placed an order for a Salsa Mukluk 2 and it stated there is no chain/tire rub, compared to the Mukluk 3. I did notice that they use 3.7" tires on the rears. Has anyone put 3.8 tires in the rear and still DID NOT experience any chain/tire rub?

    Regarding the Surly Puglsey or Necromancer/Black Ops, has anyone experienced any chain/tire rub on any of the gears?
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    I rec'd my Black Ops on Friday. No chain rub in the easiest gears....

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    Muk2/3 have chainrub from the factory. Slight adjustments can be made to avoid it, see salsa's blog. Pugsleys do not have chainrub, even my Pugsley with the new 4.7's on stock wheels does not rub.

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    My Mukluk 2, built up straight out of the box from QBP had no rub, but the 3:0 spacer setup caused me problems. I went to a 2:1 setup and I've got chain rub in the little chainring and big side of the cog. I'll probably just live with it, since i don't think I'll use this gear combination very much.

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