Another which Fatbike advice thread-
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    Another which Fatbike advice thread

    I am going to get a fatbike soon and have done extensive research and wanted to get anyone's opinion. I definitely want to buy at my LBS instead of Bikesdirect. I will be riding all winter, but could see it becoming my primary bike year round too. Here is what I have it narrowed down to, along with the approximate prices. Some of them are older models closeouts. I am looking for a great bike at the "best bang for the buck" price range of 1,500 - 2,500 range.

    2016 Surley ICT ops $ 1,200 (Surley sale)
    2015 Specialized Fatboy $ 1,600
    2015 Specialized Fatboy Expert $ 2,000
    2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon $ 2,400


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    You really can't go wrong with any of them. The Beargrease is the only bike on that list with a 170mm rear. It won't take as much tire as the rest if that matters to you.
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    Look at the 2016 Kona WO as well. It was the closest to what I looked for in a build but the BD beat it out handily with the build components. I feel bad not giving the LBS my sale but I do enough there over the year that more than makes up for it. Mine had them marked down to $1,900 (
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    In your other thread you said...

    I might end up going with a carbon fork one that my local bike shop has a good deal on.

    That takes the Surly out of the picture.

    I have a Fatboy and really like it.

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    Heller Bloodhound rigid. $2100ish full list, or jump up to $2900ish and get the Trek Farley 7? I think it is? Purple one, aluminum frame, 1X drivetrain, no upgrades needed at all. Above all else, get thru axles and room for the big guns, or you'll eventually wished you had.

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    Fatboy is more aggressive that the Beargrease.

    Ride them both and decide. We are all Bias.
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    Ive been doing the same research lately between basically the same bikes. The trek was also a front runner for me too for awhile.

    Now I'm pretty much set on the fatboy. that carbon beargrease sure was pretty though.

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    Rocky Mountain Blizzard is great for the snow right out of the box-- the -30 is fully rigid (Bluto-ready) and $1900 retail. The -50 has a Bluto and is $2600 retail. Awesome geometry, 1x setup with small 24T front cog, 190mm spacing, and aggressive snow-ready 4.7" tires with tubeless-ready rims.

    I have a -30 which I bought for snow-only riding, but here in New England this fall, it's been great at gobbling up wet, leaf-covered, muddy trails with ease.

    It's a great alternative to the big S and Trek, if that matters to you.

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    I had similar criteria recently, though I knew I wanted aluminum and didn't mind putting something together purchased online (plus I like tinkering and have rarely, if ever, brought my bikes to the shop). Narrowed down to fatboy base, SE, framed wolftrax, and motobecane sturgis...ended up with the latter for the "bang for your buck" part (and 150/197), and I liked the fatboy geo, which is similar. Sold the Bluto (for now) and got a carbon fork suited to my preference for a winter bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Jb View Post
    We are all Bias.
    I'm not.

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    Here's my thought - DEFINITELY get a frame with thru axles. The wider the spacing, the more important this is. Everything else comes after this for me.

    As for tire capacity - depends on anticipated use, conditions, and where you'll be living/riding the bike.

    If deep backcountry snow is going to be a high proportion of your winter riding, then yeah, you want big tires. If you're talking about groomed trails or ungroomed stuff with generally less than a foot of snow at any one time, then I don't think it matters. If you're looking for a bike to ride year round, then look at typical winter conditions first, but some suspension becomes more important for dry trail use, IMO, because you'll be going faster, and to avoid self steer at high speeds, you'll be running higher pressures in your tires. Unless you like rigid bikes, anyway, suspension is super nice for that.

    Also, a bike with good snow geometry may not have the best trail geometry.

    I bought my fatbike for year round use. I couldn't justify a winter-specific bike where I live. I just don't get enough snow for that, except maybe a couple of weeks out of the year. I bought a fatbike optimized for use on dry trails. It works well enough in the snow conditions I do get, and that works for me.

    Does MSU in your screen name stand for Michigan State, or some other M*** State University? My wife went to Michigan State and we lived in Okemos for awhile. Before I had a fatbike. One would have been nice there. I could justify a fatbike with 5" rubber up there for winter use.

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    Yeah. I live just north of East Lansing. Looking forward to using the fatbike in the snow.

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    Try to demo anything you can. Even if it's just a parking lot ride. Fit varies considerably. Do you think you will need to run 5" tires? Smaller tires are more "playful" but may suffer in deeper snow. Don't buy based on specs alone, make sure it feels right to you. ICT is great buy right now but they may be gone from warehouses already if your shop doesn't have it in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayooper View Post
    and have rarely, if ever, brought my bikes to the shop).
    It's either uncommon or hasn't happened at all eh?

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    I have put many hours on a Mukluk with QR wheels, and have never had a problem. Not sure if thru axles mean much to the OP's decision.

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