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    Actual rotor-locknut numbers, front and rear?

    Hi all, I read Spew | Hub, Fork, and Disc Brake Compatibility All good info, thanks. But I cannot find actual rotor-locknut numbers anywhere on the web. I sure miss Sheldon Brown, he would have had that info posted long ago. My experience makes me wonder if there is one more possibility for making 135mm forks and rotors work together. My experienceis this on a traditional mountain bike (regular 135mm/100mm OLD and standard IS disc mounts), I install a rear IS native brake caliper on a front native IS mount on the front fork, and voila, it works, the only difference is that it is spaced up for a 20mm bigger rotor, so if the rear is 160, mount that caliper in the front and you can use a 180mm rotor with no adapters. Magura even touted that as a good weight weenie technique, which it is. With post mount, the rotor diameter issue is a little different, lets forget about that for now, I am just asking about rotor-locknut compatibility. SOoooo... doesn't that give you one more option? Would this combo work: - Fork made for a front caliper, rear 135mm hub combo (some Surlys and Salsa Enabler) - A rear brake caliper - A front 135mm hub If I knew what the rotor-locknut numbers were, I could figure it out myself. But alas, I cannot find that information anywhere. Maybe the dimension is usually called something else.
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    This what you're looking for?

    Support | Hayes Disc Brake
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    Front is 10 mm. Rear is 15 mm. That's why Surly and Salsa "front" hubs (which are dimensionally just a rear hub with no provision for attaching a cog) won't work in forks designed for true 135 mm front hubs, and vice versa.

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