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    45Nrth Bergraven or Generic Gaiters?

    Does anyone have any experience with 45Nrth's Bergraven gaiters vs a generic pair from somewhere like REI? I have an old pair of EMS gaiters that seem to work fine, but if there's something particularly special about the Bergravens for cycling that I'm missing, I'd consider them if available. Thanks for your input.
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    Gawd! I still use an old pair of Wilderness Exerience gaiters and haven't looked at others since they do the job sufficiently...
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    I have some crazy tough 1000 cordura goretex OR crocodile gaiters. That is a tougher grade than the 45N gaiters. They also become an integral part of my winter setup, providing additional wind-blocking and coming up to just under knee-high. I have had them for something like 7 years or more, had the velcro flap re-done and another alteration, and just re-sewed one of the rubber flaps the strap attaches to back on, but they are probably but I consider this to be par for the course. I use them snow-showing and during some other stuff, good coverage and tough.

    The other thing to consider is that if it's real cold and you have a lot of issues with cold feet, insulated gaiters might be worth considering to help increase the warmth down there. If it's just durability and ability to keep out snow/step in real deep snow, the crocodiles work excellent. These are great for deep winter and snow (and lots of water/puddles when you want to just ride through it because you are tired of not riding due to the rain).
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    I have both (the 45nrth and generic from Mountain Equipment Co-op (like REI but Canadian))

    The 45nrth are insulated. The generic ones I own are not.

    Both are equally good when there is deep snow I might need to step off into.

    The 45nrth are a little better at increasing warmth in my feet when it's colder than usual out; like below -15C.
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    I use an old pair of OR gaiters, I think they are the Caiman model, a little lighter weight than the Crocodiles. They are an integral part of my winter kit, providing some warmth and keeping the snow out of my boots. I chewed through the under boot strap with my pedals, so I had someone sew grommets in so I could easily replace the underboot strap, but turns out the underboot straps are not needed since I wear Keen Summit County winter boots and they come up mid-calf or so.

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    I also use OR Crocodile gaiters, but the Expedition model, which is tougher. Love them and see no need to switch. I've had them for many years and used to mountain climb in winter with them.
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