I'm an older rider that does a fair bit of big hill climbing on my mountain bike. It's a 29er with 2.25" tires and gears down to 19.3" with a triple and a low of 23 chainring 34 rear cog. It's aluminum. With a rack and panniers and gear it's pretty heavy.
One of my regular climbs involves two hills, the first is about 8miles of climbing with some 10% grades and for me it's not easy. I'd love to setup my Corvus with new wheels for mtn biking but the gearing isn't quite as low as my mtn bike. It's only a single gear inch harder but I'm already at my limit and the point of spending this money is to make it easier, with a lighter bike, and I'd rather not trade off even a bit of harder gearing.
My question is whether putting 27.5" wheels on this is reasonable. It would effectively lower the gearing just a bit. The descents I do don't involve -any- hard tight turns. I was thinking of 2.5" tires or maybe even 3" but I'd like to keep weight at a minimum and 27.5" wheels with 2.5 (or so) tires would be pretty sweet if the bike will handle and work reasonably well with that wheel size. I'll be chatting with my bike shop when the open tomorrow but was interested in any feedback you might have. Thanks.