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    150 spaced fork w/ straight steerer... Are my opts Limited to Caver/ Surly?

    Trying to breathe some life into a project with a 1/1/8" head tube and want to utilize the kit I have vs. redux with a 135mm.

    Basically I'm looking at a -
    Surly ICT/ Big Dummy/ Wednesday fork - Doable but heavy
    Carver Popeye - Appealing but spendy

    Am I missing something? I thought Sarma had something, but have run into dead ends on their website.

    Even all the "overseas" Ebay specials seem to be all about the tapered steerer.

    Could consider an RST renegade but... yeah, probably not.

    Additional advice greatly appreciated.

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    Lots of custom framebuilders can make one for you.

    The Surly forks work fine, but the bolt-on thru-axle arrangement bugged me. Perhaps there's a way to retrofit a tool-free version now.

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    The weird surly axle can have the bolts swapped out for security torx bolts so people can't easily steal your wheels. Its probably the only good thing about them.

    I had a carver 135 QR fork on my old Moonlander. I had no complaints, but for commuting now I'd probably prefer rack mounts to run a rando rack.
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    Right on y'all!

    Super appreciate the intel and as I've been scoping some of that scene the Wednesday/BFD fork isn't that much heavier than the Popeye - - -> Savings can go into the wheel build.

    *FWIW I had an ICT fork for a while and got owned a few times with that bolt - ha ha


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