Vee Crown Gem tire?-
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    Vee Crown Gem tire?

    Anyone have this on their kids bike?

    Who can measure the height of the knobs?
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    I have some Crown Gems on my 5 year old's bike with about 5 months of trail and neighborhood riding on them.

    Vee Crown Gem tire?-label.jpg

    The outermost lugs are pretty much intact with the middle of the tire getting most of the wear. The middle lugs were shorter when new also.

    Vee Crown Gem tire?-outside-lug.jpg

    Vee Crown Gem tire?-outside-lug-measurement.jpg

    Outermost lugs measure 0.191"
    Next row in was 0.164"
    Middle lug was 0.124"

    Vee Crown Gem tire?-tire-profile-measure.jpg

    Now these lugs taper so give it +/- a bit on the measurements.

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    Thank you SO much for your effort!

    My kid has a Riprock(plus bike), and for winter (mini)fat bike use, I want to stud the tires. The stock Roller 24 x 2.8 tires have very shallow knobs though, so the Gripstuds barely hold, and protrude inside the tire.

    The Knobs on the Roller are ~2.5-3.0mm tall.

    I looked at the Slant Six, which is also available in 24x2.6, but the knobs are not really taller, and they are very small and pocketed, making it hard to stud.

    Also looking for some better grip in loose and muddy conditions.

    I saw that the Vee Crown Gem is also available in 24x2.8, so was hoping that might have a bit bigger knobs. It is also tubeless ready and has a folding bead, although I must say the Rollers set up tubeless just fine and are not very heavy.

    Sounds like itís knobs are a bit bigger, at 3-6mm tall, hopefully the 2.6Ē has the same knob size!

    I will get some and try it out.

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