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    Upgrade 2015 Trek MT220?

    Hi all,

    I picked up a 24 2015 mt220 for my 7 y/o daughter in excelent condition . I took it to my local trek store in tustin and they said all was well with the bike. My question..is it worth it to upgrade this bike or wait until she is older with a different bike?

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    That's the question that seems to drive us all... the answer is usually "it depends"

    The big questions:
    - How much time / money do you want to spend?
    - What kind of riding do you plan to do together?
    - What elements of the bike are you (or is she) not satisfied with?
    - What did you have in mind when thinking about upgrading?
    - What tools do you have?
    - What type of work are you comfortable doing?

    It looks like the bike was ~27-28lbs stock with a coil fork.

    If you search, others have brought 220s of similar vintage down in the 23-24lb range with relatively little effort and down to 20-21lbs when spending a little more.

    Here's one example (includes links to some other builds as well) :

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    Hi, if y'all are riding off road, especially if in hilly areas, I'd say it's worth upgrading with a focus on losing weight. The stock fork probable does very little in the way of providing actual suspension, but is really heavy. My first reaction would be to swap the fork for a light rigid model and the wheels and tires for a lightweight setup. I'm guessing that between fork, wheels, and tires you can drop several pounds. Stands Crest Mk3 are probably the best rim, then you want to lace with light spokes to the lightest hubs you can find. For tires a rocket ron 24" is pretty light and good for all around riding. The Spawn Brood 24 is good for more aggressive riding.

    The next area for improvement is probably the drivetrain. Likely meaningful weight to be saved by swapping for a modern 1x setup.

    For reference, I just built my son a 24/20" mixer and it weighs 16lbs. Here's a link to the build https://forums.mtbr.com/families-rid...d-1092907.html Basically everything except the frame, rear rim, and brakes should be possible to apply to your bike.

    Other easy weight saves are bottom bracket, pedals, carbon bar, light grips, stem, and possibly seatpost.

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    Thanks all for the replies...I think i'm just going to keep it basic until she is able to ride a 26er. so far I've replaced the shifters to the all in one brake/shifter shimano ef-65 (which she loves waaayy better than the grip shift) got rid of the pro-v v-brakes (stock) and replaced them with deore v-brakes. I also got rid of that tourney RD and replaced it with an acera RD. (which made more of an improvement than I thought it would! the drivetrain is quiet now)

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    Upgrade 2015 Trek MT220?-20190220_175015.jpg

    It is possible I did it to my sons bike. Maybe 100$ investment give or take and that's CAD.

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