Steering damping on kids bikes?-
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    Steering damping on kids bikes?

    Came across these today and was curious - has anyone tried this sort of steering damping on kids bikes?

    Thinking about where I've seen my kids lose control, it's been on extended downhills from the type of high wobble these seem designed to eliminate.

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    Hmm... lot of views but no responses.

    Looks like Jenson has them on sale for about half off -- tempted to just go ahead and give it a try:

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    Haven't seen any negative reviews on them, so I went ahead and ordered 3 of each size to swap out on my bike, my wife's bike & all the kids bikes in the house.

    They're showing a 4-5 week ship time -- will post an update when / if they eventually come in.

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    They work well for what they're designed for. Not sure if they'll translate well to what you have in mind, but the upshot is that they're adjustable from zero damping to a lot, so -- worst case -- you can just treat it like a regular headset cup if the damping thing doesn't work out.

    Good luck.

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