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    Sons next bike

    Hi folks, I've been reading through the website and hoping for some
    My son started out on walmart bike years ago and then about 6 years old I
    wanted him on a better bike with gears because of where we live it's all
    hills. So I got him a 20" trek MT-60. The bike has been great with the
    adjustable pedals. Now I'm going to be selling it and figuring it's a break
    even between purchase and selling it kept me from getting interim crappy
    Anyway, pretty much were just riding rail trails and in the neighbor hood.
    He's now grown to 56 or 57 inches and there are new mountain bike trails
    near us and he wants to do some mountain biking.
    I took him to the bike shop and they sized him up on a 26" bike with a 13"
    frame. Which also happens to be the same size bike my wife rides. She has a
    trek 930 no suspension. So last night we went to the mountain bike trails
    and he first rode the 20" and he was dwarfing it and it didn't have enough
    Then we took out mom's bike and while he can clear the top tube, I think
    it's just a bit too tall since he hit his balls 3 times when he bobbled and
    had to get off the bike. So now I'm thinking I need a 24 to get him through
    at least this year. I'm fine with getting a used one and then re-selling in
    a year or so. Even though he may only have it a short time, I want him to
    be confident in the woods rather than struggle and worry about hurting

    I'm looking forward to us mountain biking. I tried it years ago and the
    wife didn't care for it so I didn't ride by myself. Now I really want to go
    again. I also ride a trek 930 with no suspension. Mountain biking is good
    because it will develop his skills that he uses while riding his off road
    motorcycle and it's good for me to get back into shape (isn't round a
    shape?) and I've been diagnosed with needing a knee replacement and too
    young to get one, biking seems to be low impact enough on it for me to be
    able to do it. I'm sure road biking would be better for it, but I'm a woods

    Any reccomendations on what to look for?
    I've been looking at treks on craigslist and then was looking at a
    specialized rockhopper and found one for $100 that's owned by a bike
    mechanic and claims the bike has been all gone through, cleaned and tuned
    up., but haven't gone to look at it yet. I'm heading to a used bike shop
    next week also.
    Should I be looking for something with a front suspension for him or does
    it not make much of a difference at his age. I have nothing to go by
    because I've never ridden a bicycle with a front suspension. I always
    thought about front suspension for mine, but I know in motorcyles, you need
    to alter your spring rates for your weight and I was figuring the same
    would apply to mountain bikes, so I just shyed away from suspension all
    together. His 20" trek has it, but I haven't watched him ride down the
    trail, so I can't tell if it does him any good or not.


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    The stand-over height for 26" bikes varies. My son is 52" tall and rides a 26" Specialized Hardrock that has a 13" frame. The style of the frame
    gives it a pretty low top tube (more ball room). He loves it and can tackle some pretty rough stuff with the big wheels (looks like he's on a 29er).
    Just check the fit of a bike with your son present. Your future grandkids will thank you, lol.

    As far as suspension goes....lower-end forks use springs for the suspension function (usually quite stiff), with no other dampening properties.
    As you get higher in quality, air is used to adjust suspension (allowing for infinite adjustment for rider weight and type of use/abuse), and oil
    is used to dampen the suspension. Springs are used in high-end forks, as well, and can be swapped for different riders (similar to most MX forks).

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Sons next bike

    Thanks, we're going to do some more shopping and sizing for him

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    Re: Sons next bike

    Wound up picking up a real clean hotrock 24 that will at least last him this year and i will get my money back selling it. He loves the way it looks and thats half the battle. If looka excite them they will ride more. Now to clean up his mt 60 and get that sold.

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