• 12-27-2013
    Performance Bike Starling thoughts?
    I"m leaning toward getting this bike for my daughter. Looks like a good bike based on what I've seen so far. Any other thoughts regarding this bike? Yes? No?

    Performance Girls Starling 20" 7-speed Kids Bike -
  • 12-27-2013
    Looks great. I bet she'll love it. If she really enjoys riding you might catch the upgrade bug like some of us and do some upgrades.
  • 12-27-2013
    I have one I picked up off craigslist for a custom build for my son. It came in at ~27lbs. The build quality seems good and comes with the same parts as the rest of the 20" mtb. I'll have it up on a thread soon.

    The standard handlebars (399g), tire(610g ea), seat post(456g), seat(299g) and stem(236g) upgrades will save a lot of weight.