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    Opinion on Kona Process 24

    Does anyone have the Kona Process 24 here?
    I'm trying to find the weight for it and it's not showing up anywhere in search.

    I'm thinking about getting a 24" FS bike for 8yo. Mostly for trail and some beginner / intermediate freeride, small drops and table tops. We don't do any bike parks yet, but it would be nice to if it could do beginner DH trails. Would the 100mm FS be good for this?

    I've been checking the threads here. Some other bikes I was looking at are:
    Transition Ripcord 24"
    Marin Hawk Hijj Jr 24" - not sure about x-fusion fork / shock support
    Spawn Rokkosuta 24" - 140mm travel, is that too much for what I want?
    Trailcraft Maxwell 24" - Most expensive in the list, otherwise looks like a good option.

    So, I just wanted to see if anyone has the process 24. Thanks.

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    I don't recall the weight of that bike from when I was researching. I'd probably just send them an email and ask them. Then add 1-3# to whatever they tell you!

    But every single 24" FS bike that I considered (and most of the HTs too!) weighed 29-30#. All except the Trailcraft Maxwell as I recall.

    A lot of you guys have stronger/ bigger boys, but based on what I see and where my petite daughter struggles weight/ rolling resistance is still my largest concern for my kid's bike. Still, her lightweight bike weighs 48% of her body weight. I wouldn't be a bike rider at all if I had to pedal a bike that weighed 48% of my own body weight!

    Good luck!

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    I haven't seen one in person, but based on the spec I'd guess it's 30lbs or so. The frame looks nice and if I were in the market for a 24" full sus bike I'd certainly be interested in finding a frame to build up. The components on the factory build, like most, look pretty budget/heavy. I bet it could be built up to be 25lbs without too much work. The frame and shock probably weighs 5.5-6.5lbs I'd guess.

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