So I'm not a fan of Isla for MTB'ing for obvious reasons aside from their Creig (which is amazing). Too many people find these bikes as "ultralight MTB option" for kids and then realize they are decently light road bikes once on the trail <insert MTB buyer justification stream>.

Nevertheless, a friend was about to buy a 16" Spawn (after seeing our Yoji) to replace 16" Isla but the kid wasn't super far from being on a 20". The kid is really getting into it and they didn't want to hold them back (those tiny Isla tires are a nightmare on single track...any loose stuff just eats the front tire and...crash).

But I thought maybe we could just squeeze the Spawn Loam Star 1.9" 16" tires into the bike as a cheaper stop-gap. I called Isla and they said it wouldn't work...only had clearance for 1.5in. With some finagling I got them on (had to remove the little reflector nubs for clearance). The rims on the Isla are like half the width of the Spawn (I love that spawn rims are so wide). But BAM, they worked and aren't SUPER tight either. That bike now looks like quite the beast.

Overall the bike is 1lb heavier than Yoji (Isla isn't ultra light) and cost a bit under 500$ (assuming new tires) instead of 370$ for Yoji...but its cheaper than just replacing the Isla for sure. It looks like it'll be WAY safer too.

Off-road Isla CNOC 16&quot; Tire Upgrade-isla.jpg