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    Nylon seatposts?

    Just wondering, but has anyone tried using nylon seatposts?

    Came across them looking at BMX stuff and it seemed like it might be a cheap way to drop a little more weight. For a shorter length post, mostly dropped, and the relatively low weight of most kids, I'm making the guess that strength isn't likely to be a problem.

    Came across these and figured it's worth a try:

    • 95g
    • Pivotal
    • 25.4mm diameter
    • 150mm length
    • Only $5.99!

    Ordered them to try for my BMX and my son's Yoji and they should be in today -- will update with a weight comparison vs. the stock Spawn seatpost later.

    Figure I'll go ahead and try it on mine with a Tioga D-Spyder S-Spec Pivotal since it looks relatively comfortable and it's only 145g. (Waiting on ebay coupons / black friday deals to order one, but once I do I'll try to post some specs comparing to the stock Spawn Brood Perch seat)
    D-Spyder S-Spec Pivotal – TIOGA BMX Race

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    Got it in and took a closer look at design and weights. Have no worries about strength at this point, the post actually has a smaller diameter alloy post inside the nylon that has a threaded section in the top for the bolt to attach to. The only parts that are entirely nylon are the bottom 1" or so and the pivotal grooves at the top of the post and those significantly beefier than the stock post from Spawn.
    Nylon seatposts?-img_20181102_193434229.jpg
    Nylon seatposts?-img_20181102_201116898.jpg

    Took some measurements and here's what I found for comparison:
    - Black label shorty nylon 25.4x150: 93g
    - Spawn 25.4x125: 111g
    - Spawn 25.4x300: 184g

    Not much of a drop from the stock Spawn post, but it is lower. At the $6 they're selling for right now, it's a much better $/g proposition than things like Ti bolts.

    The brood perch saddle is approx 180x110 and 185g. Not sure how much bigger / heavier the brood throne is, but that may me a closer comparison size wize to the Tioga (235x125).

    Tioga's new integrated race saddle / post looks interesting too: 27.2, 240x100, 78mm carbon post, only 125g total. Just came out and the only place I see it listed so far is Rakuten Japan, which is showing it for ~$55. Doubt it would be super comfortable since they talk about swapping saddles for warm up laps, but it's certainly light:
    D-Spyder Evo – TIOGA BMX Race

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    Does a Pivotal style seat and post end up lower total height than a typical post with rail style seat?
    I need to drop my kids seat about another 1/2" or so from the stock seat slammed all the way down. Was looking at Pivotal, or the seat/post combo units...

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    A thinner pivotal seat would probably get you there and would give you the option to adjust the tilt vs. a combo unit.

    Spawn makes the claim that the difference for their saddles is about 1" vs. traditional saddle w/ rails on their smaller seat:
    And about 1/2" vs traditional saddle on their larger seat:

    Note that one advantage the stock Spawn seatpost has over the nylon model that I picked up is that it can be inserted lower into the seat tube -- the nylon posts have a thicker clamp area and taper near the top.

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    Do BMX riders even use the seat? I'm not saying it's not potentially strong enough, but most BMX bikes have the seat slammed so low, it would be impossible to sit and pedal at that same time at all.
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