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    Looking for tires for Salsa Timberjack 24"


    My 8 year old is getting close to burning through the stock tires on his Timberjack 24; alot of miles on them this summer.

    He's done a few XC races this summer and I was considering going to something narrower and tubeless at the same time.

    We were at a race yesterday and another kid there with the same bike was running the 24x2.8 Vee Crown Gems. His father and I compared them side by stock with the stock 24x3.0 Cheng Shin tires and they were basically the same width. The Crown Gems are KNOBBY.

    I see on the Vee website they list 24x2.6 in black and skinwalls. I see the skinwall on Commencals website but can't find the blackwalls.

    Anyone know where I can get them? Maybe a different tire?


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    Are they not in stock on the Vee tire website? I ordered a set of crown gems for my daughter's bike awhile ago online from Vee. Amazing price (if you ignore the shipping charge).

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    No, they only have the 2.8s listed in their webshop. I just called my local dealer since Vee lists QBP as a distributor. He looked up the tires and QBP carries the 2.8s and the 2.25s but no 2.6 width.

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    Found this list elsewhere online. 24" tire options. Does not include the Hans Dampf which is pretty chunky for 2.35, but is no plus tire.

    Small Knobs:
    Schwalbe table top 24x2.25
    Odyssey Aitken 24x2.25
    Kenda K-Rad 24x2.3 865g
    DMR moto digger 24x2.35 750g wire
    Continental Air King MacAskill 24" Tyre 24x2.4 816g
    Maxxis Holy Roller 24x2.4 830g wire
    Kenda Slant 6 24x2.6 720g wire
    Vee TireCo 24x2.6 Crown Gem folding
    Specialized Big Roller 24x2.8 835g
    Berm Master 24x3.0 1200g

    Large Knobs:
    Schwalbe Fat Albert 24x2.4 695g folding
    Schwalbe Big Betty 24x2.4
    Maxxis Minion DHF 24x2.4 1155g
    Maxxis High Roller 24x2.5 1020g
    Kenda Nevegal 24x2.5 1250g
    Kenda Kinetics 24x2.6 1160g wire
    Nokian Gazza 24x2.6
    Vee Rubber Stout DH 24x2.6 1465g
    Halo Ception 24x2.6 1235g wire
    Duro Razorback 24x2.6 1150g
    Halo Contra 24x3.0
    Duro Razorback 24x3.0 1255g

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    Edit, sorry misread that you were looking for the 2.8's. If they're nobby enough the kenda slant 6's would probably be a good substitution. They offer a pretty good mix of tread and they aren't stupidly heavy like some of the 24++ stuff.
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