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    Looking for feedback on Hotrock 16 upgrades side business

    I upgraded my kid's Hotrock 16 so that he could ride a few more trails with me at the US National Whitewater Center near my house in Charlotte, NC. I really enjoyed the process and felt others might want to benefit from my experience. Based on this, I am considering selling upgrade kits. I've sourced all of the parts from the manufacturers and am going to package the following parts together for approximately $90 (If you sourced all of these items separately from what is available for retail purchase you would spend over $140 by my rough calculations):

    • Lightweight Velo mini seat (similar to the Crupi/Insight mini bmx seats)
    • 25T aluminum sprocket (lowers the gearing in order to pedal up steeper hills)
    • Aluminum MTB stem
    • 2" rise aluminum MTB handlebar (cut down to kids widths)
    • 16" x 2.25" Vee Crown Gem Skinwall MTB tires (lighter, fatter, grippier and cooler looking)

    This whole kit solves the geometry problem, lowers the gearing, provides more grip and cushion while cutting about 2 pounds worth of weight. By only spending $50 on a Craigslist Hotrock plus another $100 on parts you can have a sweet little mountain bike for half the price of a Commencal or Spawn.

    I'm hoping to get a little feedback before putting down the money to buy inventory:

    • Anyone have thoughts on whether there would be any interest/demand for a kit like this?
    • Is the price point correct? (My price could possibly go up $10-$20 as shipping quotes come in from the factories)
    • Are there any additional components I should add to the kit? (I considered a free-wheel, cranks, bottom bracket, wheels; but in the end I wanted the kit to contain the best upgrade per dollar spent items that could be easily installed by someone without much knowledge of bike maintenance)

    Mods, I'm not looking to sell anything here, just looking for feedback. Please don't lock.

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    I've got a stock purple/white 16" Hotrock my daughter rode. My son will be ready for a 16" sometime next year. Son is a more aggressive rider.
    I am on the fence right now between selling it for $50-60 and buying a Park Cycles 16" or keeping it and painting it. I'm not sure this kit would sway me either way.
    Park Cycles gets you freewheel and v-brakes for $245

    We used our 16" Hotrock mostly around the subdivision and the gearing was about right. I don't think I'd want to go much lower for Indiana riding.

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    I don't think the pricepoint is bad, I just think that the number of people looking to muck with a 16" bike may not be high enough to make it worth your time. Not to say that there aren't people with kids looking to ride real trails on a 16", of course there are. But in my experience, it's 20" where people really start to get their kids out on the trails. Legs have a little more muscle, bike options are a bit better, kids are more likely to be steady on a bike, etc

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