Full suspy for Enduro

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  • 03-03-2020
    Full suspy for Enduro
    Our 10 year old wants to add Enduro this summer and I am in the market for a bike. He is 5' tall and rides pretty aggressively. Anyone have any advice or thoughts for a bike?
  • 03-04-2020
    Some good options. I'd like for adult 27.5 size small (probably) with a backend that isn't super long. Norco made a pretty sick ladies Sight (the last gen version). It'd have a lighter tune and Norco is one of the few frame manufacturers that have smaller chainstays as you size down (or up). Being that a new adult Sight was released recently, you could prob find a smoking deal on a demo bike. The new stuff is just going to be long imo, which leads to more passenger than pilot. I saw a full stack carbon ladies sight, highend Pike, GX build for 2800$ demo...hardly used and had warranty somehow. That was a sick bike.

    Also, Norco released a youth version of the Sight in 27.5 as well. Very nice bike. I would wonder if a 5ft kid could be a size small tho instead of XS. Something to consider.
  • 03-04-2020

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  • 03-04-2020
    Kona and Transition make real full suspension kids bikes, the Kona having slightly better spec IMO.

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  • 03-05-2020
    My now 10yr old can't be bothered to race at the moment (despite his 10th Birthday allowing him to race the U16's in local Enduro) but he's riding an adult XS 27.5 frame.

    We started off with 26" wheels and 142mm cranks and 150/140 travel but have since put the fork travel up to 160 as he uses it all in DH.
    For DH he's now using 160/150 (we flip the bolt on the linkage between 150 and 140) and 27.5/26 wheels as a mullet. For longer rides (5-40 miles) we stick a 27.5 on the back...
    He's due some longer cranks .. probably 150mm at some point.