Cheap balance bike for 3 1/2 year old-
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    Cheap balance bike for 3 1/2 year old

    We bought my daughter a Strider 12" bike but she hasn't used it much because she prefers her Ziggle which someone gave her as a gift. She's 38" tall and has pretty much outgrown the Strider.
    Santa is giving her older sister a bike for Christmas, so I was thinking maybe a 14" balance bike would be good for her. But I don't want to spend a lot as I'm not sure how much she'll use it. Any recommendations?

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    When my son was small, my wife bought him this crappy Schwinn Gremlin. It was a 16" wheeled bike with a coaster brake and training wheels that weighed a ton. I had planned on getting him a balance bike.
    One day, I took the training wheels, crankset and chain off the bike and slammed the seat. Worked perfectly as a balance bike. Best part, he did it for like forty minutes and then I put the cranks and chain back on. He was instantly able to ride two wheels.
    I didn't have to buy a separate balance bike. I kinda got two in one.
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    Looking at the thread about her older sister, I wonder if you might be able to get dual use out of a 14" or 16" bmx with some quick-release pedals like these, or if the stubs & crank arms would still get in the way too much for it to be viable as a balance bike:

    No matter what, it sounds like you're going to need to come up with something fun that she can do on the bike that she can't do on the Ziggle, which will probably mean finding some hills or ramps.

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    why not a pedal bike? might be more fun for her. (and like mentioned could always take pedals/crank off to use as a push bike)

    ps: My kid was riding a cleary gecko 12" at 3.5 y/o (no training wheels needed)

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    Hold off til she's four and buy her a 16er as soon as she can stand over the slammed seat... or now, if you mail order something nicer than bike store stuff.

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    Good points. I'm going to hold off and just with a 16" pedal bike when she's 4.

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