Best, light wheels for 24" FS kids bike ridden hard?-
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    Best, light wheels for 24" FS kids bike ridden hard?

    I'm looking at some kids FS 24" options. They are all around 28lbs (even Ripcord now as it lost some weight). Some are 27 to 30mm internal width. Now I love the i30 hoops on my 29er with 2.4/2.5in minions but these kids wheelsets are about 1850g.

    I'm wondering if there is a better option that is significantly lighter but still kickass for a kid riding/jumping hard on it and doing some DH racing...tho maybe a second, lighter wheel set could be for general riding and the stock i30 set could be for DH days (with DH tires).

    Most light options I've seen are at max, i23 width. Would that be really nice width for running a Maxtion 2.3 24" tire or would there be significant sacrifices there.

    I've seen Trailcraft make some wheels that are 1500g and i23. They also have some. 1250g wheels but I don't know their widths....guessing it might be even narrower.

    My thought was to knock a couple of lbs off a FS 24" bike via wheels, carbon bars, Wren stem, lighter cassette and maybe brakes (if stock suck).

    Thoughts? (I need some ultralight brake options too if you have them)

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    Spank spoon 450~ grams I think. 32 hole only. Look for ultralight bmx cruiser hoops for a plethora more options.

    Fyi, I rock i23 up to 2.6 and prefer the resulting tire profile.

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    It's hard to beat the stans Crest mk3 rim for weight. But if you definitely want to go wider you might check out trials rims. I don't think lighter riders have as much fold over issues as adults so rim width is probably less critical.

    You can also look at hubs and spokes for weight savings. Dan's Comp will cut and thread custom ti spokes at reasonable cost. Hubs vary wildly in weight. Extralight are the lightest I know of. DT240s also are pretty light. Use aluminum nipples also.

    Another often heavy item is the cassette. Cheaper ones are often over 400g while high end can be as low as 134g.

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    Gotcha, well it looks like the Stans Crest MK3 rims i23 are the ticket. Perhaps I just build them myself and try to get some really light Bitex hubs etc. and do it somewhat cheaply

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