My 2cents about Following, coming from Ripley V1-
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    My 2cents about Following, coming from Ripley V1

    My 2cents about Following, coming from Ripley V1-dsc_8382.jpg
    My 2cents about Following, coming from Ripley V1-dsc_8391.jpg

    I am an XC - trail rider, who enjoy climb, yes climb, and off course DH. No big drops / gap for me, just small one, but I really like technical rocky trail.
    I was on Ripley V1 Medium for 2.5 years, was looking for a bike that climb well, not far from Ripley, and DH well, better than Ripley. So I was willing to sacrifice a bit of climbing, not much.
    I was looking at Ripley LS, Trek Fuel EX 29, or remedy, Jefsy, Hightower, Mojo HD3, Norco sight, and off course this evil following.
    No chance to demo any of them, just watching youtube and read a lot.

    Finally decided to get the Following, last 2017 medium frame from Fanatik Bike , as reviewers said climb very well ,DH very well, and I could just swap all the parts from my Ripley to this.

    I've only been on the Following for 2 weeks, and still playing with the suspension setting.

    My Ripley V1 was built more aggressive with wide rim 29mm ID, 2.6 front tire, 140mm pike, and -1 degree angle set. this bike still climb very well, and DH was well enough for me, the only neg was the fox CTD shock on it, too easy to use all the travel, and too bouncy on longer rocky decent.

    my 2 cents:
    Climb: I give Ripley V1 a 10, Following 8.
    DH: Ripley v1 8, Following 9

    I could really feel, climbing evil takes more effort, geo different, with longer reach about 1.5in than Ripley, and about 1.5 lbs heavier, also evil does not have the "push-up" feel that Ripley gave me during climb, especially on technical climb. I have to use 1 gear lower than Ripley on most climb. On Ripley I mostly use 2nd-3rd gear for climb, 1st gear for bail out, with evil, mostly 1st and 2nd.

    with Ripley, the suspension system somewhat would "push" the rider up a bit on climb, make it easier to go over obstacles. I don't know how to explain it into words better. those of you have been on Ripley would probably know what I mean.

    on DH, this Evil's Monarch RT3 Debonair shock is a better shock than Fox CTD on Ripley, more compose, less bouncy, absorb landing very well. and Evil frame is stiff, very good on cornering. longer wheelbase on evil means better stability on high speed, just need to learn a bit more on switchback.

    overall, I am enjoying this new frame, even though I climb slower now, in the end, I still have that big smiles every time i finish a ride.
    I think it's a keeper.

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    Nice comparison. I was between the following mb and a 2017 (ver2) Ripley LS...I went with the Ripley because most of my riding is tighter east coast singletrack with lots of pedaling and short punchy climbs and no 1000-2000ft climbs and then bombing back downhill

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    I would be curious as to actual time difference on climbing,especially technical areas.
    I was always taught suspension should have a neutral feel, as in you shoulnd't be aware of it.
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    Nice comparison Inter. Did you get a chance to compare the Ripley LS? I would expect it to be more comparable to the Following downhill, but probably still give up a bit to it.

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    Ripley LS would be very similar in geo. I didn't demo LS, in fact i was thinking to get LS frame for $1700 vs following $1900. But i had been on Ripley V1 for 2.5 years, so why not trying something new.

    I know I climb slower because i get exhausted more than usual, and my ride buddy which was always a bit behind on climb, now on par or even in front of me.

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    OP, good comparison.

    Have you measured and set the saddle in the same place relative to the BB like it was on your Ripley? If you haven't, then I'd highly suggest you do so and that would most likely help improve how the bike feels climbing, probably end up pushing the saddle forward a bit more than it is now. Do you use the compression switch on the shock when climbing?
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    No I have not measured it, basically I just put the saddle same way on Ripley, don't have much more room to move it forward, probably a bit more. The fact that reach is about 1.5 in longer on evil, makes me stretch out more. I just need to get used to it.
    And no I don't use pedal or lock out, just open shock. Both bikes have very little or almost no bob at all.

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    Get the Fox DPS Evol shock or send your Monarch to Craig at Avalanche. Well worth it. Climbing will be much much better. I had the exact same findings as you btw.

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    Suspension on both bikes designed by same person.
    2016 Evil Following V1
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    That pedal "Boost" is a tried and true DWLink thing. I first noticed it on the Pivot 429 and immediately was like "Whoaaa" what is that? Two pedals in. Pretty cool and extremely efficient on the bikes designed around it (not all DWLink). Same guy but not suspension systems.

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