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    Following vs Following MB

    I have had a V1 following for almost 2 years now and have loved it. I cannot stop thinking about getting a new following MB. I have read all of the articles I can find and I understand the new changes from a technical standpoint (boost, increased reach, new shock, more clearance). What I have not seen are good comparisons in ride characteristics. For those of you who have had both what were the differences that you noticed?

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    18mts on a v1 and 6 mts so far on the MB, with and ibis mojo3 in the middle for good measure. I'm 5'7" riding a medium in v1 and MB

    Apart from the obvious differences with 27.5+ being an option and 2.6 29 tyres clearing okay too, the extra room is really nice, it feels more stable at speed, but somehow they've managed to keep it just as poppy. The new RS piggyback shock combined with the Delta link IMO creates the biggest difference and very positive one at that. Feels strangely longer in the travel and generally more composed coming down, going up it feels about the same going up as the V1 which in my books can only be a good thing.

    I'm not sure i'm good enough rider to give you honest feedback on frame stiffness as i'm running i35 rims instead i30 and bigger tyres. Overall i'm able to push slightly harder than on the V1 and i just love running both sizes of wheels. 29 being loads faster but 27.5+ edging it for me on the fun factor. This feature alone was enough to sell me on the MB and everything else is a bonus. If i was just going to ride in 29, then perhaps the decision would be less cut and dry because the V1 is still awesome. The other thing that swung my purchase was the fact i never really fell in love with the ibis, loved the wheelsize but missed the delta link. For the record IMO opinion the MB is a way better 27.5+ bike than the mojo, or any of the others i've tried if it comes to that.

    i hope that helps a bit, but obviously without knowing how and where you ride its difficult to give you fail safe feedback, but if you've got any specific questions let me know.

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    Great response. I think the new shock is what has me wanting the MB. I have thought that a 135mm following would be the perfect bike for me but Iím not sure more travel is really the answer. I run my V1 with a 140mm pike in high mode. I am in Las Vegas and the desert is rocky. Sometimes I have wanted a little more comfort and composure. But at the same time I donít want to change the reactive nature and acceleration of the bike at 120mm. I love how the bike weaves through terrain and can change directions so well. I also like how rewarding it feels when standing up on the pedals for short bursts and power moves. Our terrain can be rolley and technical or fairly wide open and fast. Lots of ledges and small sharp square edges. The idea of extra room sounds nice so long as the bike does not lose agility or make slow speed technical climbing a chore.

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