The Following MB - Initial Impressions? Here's mine.-
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    The Following MB - Initial Impressions? Here's mine.

    I purchased a Following MB a couple months ago and wanted to share my journey up to this point in case anyone else is thinking about getting one (or just bought one).

    The suspension...
    I'm new to FS bikes and have only a small handful of bikes I can compare the DELTA with. I found that it took me weeks to really dial it in. 28% sag with about 4 clicks of rebound did the trick. It's worth experimenting a ton with this because the bike can go from shit to amazeballs when you get it right. I found riding it wide open, even on techy uphill, is the way to go. I've done some 3 foot drops and it is quite comfortable.

    The e-thirteen tires...
    For awhile I felt like these were too sticky and really slowed me down. While that might be true, I have come to really appreciate these tires when the trails are washed out, muddy, and when I'm riding above my skill level. I've tried various pressures and think about 22psi might be the sweet spot. I tried going to 30 and even 40 to get better rolling, but then my tires were constantly bouncing off roots and rocks.

    The weight...
    The bike is a bit heavy but I've found that matters less and less to me, especially once I figured out the suspension and tire pressure, and have become a better rider.

    If you have speed, the bike feels pretty poppy and playful and can leave the ground with a good amount of control. Unfortunately, the trails I ride don't have much for downhill and most of the jumps are positioned at the top of a hill or root-filled switchback so it's hard to get up to speed to actually use the jumps.

    Again... AFTER dialing in, I'd say the bike climbs well for a trail bike. When I ride flats, the front wheel never wanders and the bike feels balanced. However, when I clip in, I have a bad habit of sitting back further and pulling up on my handlebars (which causes it to wander).

    The bike doesn't seem to have any issue when I force it out of a bad line, and it feels really smooth when pumping on rolling hills and weaving berms.

    Low vs X-Low...
    I have too many roots and rocks to deal with so I stay in low. I only get pedal strikes when it's my own damn fault.

    Things I don't like...
    The sag meter. The sleeve that keeps coming out of the wire hole. The creaky sound it sometimes makes. The amount of effort dialing in takes. The paint. The fact the brand name is a decal.

    Final thoughts...
    Despite the little things, this was exactly the type of bike I was looking for and I've had a ton of fun with it. This is not a quiver killer, and I'm not sure what bike actually is. If I want to go for all-out speed, I'll probably buy an XC bike. If I want something that's more playful, poppy, and easy to throw around, I'll probably get a 650B bike. You know... After I sell all my possessions so I can afford these things. But if I had to have one bike for all these things, I think the Following MB does a pretty nice job.

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    Pretty good summary.

    I've been really impressed with my FMB. The bike can handle a lot of nasty trails and is surprisingly easy to pop. The short travel can beat you up on chunkier trails but the bike is very agile so it is easy to skip through rock gardens.

    My biggest complaint would be the X-Low bottom out. My seat tube is missing some paint from experimenting with X-Low in Moab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calhoun View Post
    My biggest complaint would be the X-Low bottom out. My seat tube is missing some paint from experimenting with X-Low in Moab.
    PSA: X-low requires helicopter tape on the back of the seat tube. Bike would be way cooler if that wasn’t needed. :/

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