Does your swingarm spit out its rubber plug?-
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    Does your swingarm spit out its rubber plug?

    OK dumb question here: I own both a Following and a Wreckoning. On pretty much every ride, the rubber plug surrounding the shifter cable where it enters the rear triangle works itself out. See attached. I'm using 4mm Shimano housing. I've screwed around with changing the amount of loop between frame and housing (running an 11-6 on the Wreck so non-normal routing there.) Nothing has fixed this yet.

    Anyone else have this issue? Any suggested fix?

    Does your swingarm spit out its rubber plug?-img_4660-1-.jpg

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    Same problem on my Following. I walked it back in but it will not stay. Have not tried hacking a solution. Looks like too much vibration and movement for it to stay based on the design of the cable grommet thingy.

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    Those rubber grommets are pretty much useless. Do yourself a favor and pull them off and use a little round file to chamfer the inside of the openings and it'll treat you housing well. It's not like the grommets are going to stop water from entering the frame and it drains out of the swing arm anyway. Regarding the dropper routing you can slightly enlarge the drain hole in the BB to make sure the water evacuates that area from the stealth dropper internal sleeve.
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    I've used wood glue to keep it in place. Over time, they will tear anyway so I just ditch them when that happens.

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    I initially didn't use the plugs on the rear but it caused the area around the hole to get chipped a bit as the housing pushed against the top part of the hole when cycling through the suspension. Chamfering the hole as manitou2200 suggested is a good idea if you decide not to use the plugs. I've been using the plugs without issue for the last couple of years, so I guess I'm lucky it didn't have any problems. Maybe cleaning up this issue will be part of the update!

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    mine would work it's way out every ride. I used 3M black weatherstrip adhesive and it has been good for several months so far

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    Funny the one in my swing arm stays all the time... The one on the dropper post routing near the headtube always comes loose.

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    My swingarm plug doesn't spit out, but it's never sat flush either.

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