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    Why do you race enduro?

    Why do you race enduro? What made you do it? Do you enjoy enduro-ing?
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    Never have entered an Enduro race. As soon as the BME registration opened up, I signed up for the Crested Butte stop. Why? It will be something to train my arse off to get me back into top shape. I recently went through surgery to repair my ruptured achilles tendon from a skiing accident this past holiday. I just want to finish, that's all.

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    After racing XC and endurance events for several years, I got burned out. When I moved to Ohio, i ventured back into the realm of XC/Endurance races (6 hours this time around). They didn't have the appeal that they did at the time. I entered my first enduro, the AOA Mayhem Enduro, here in Ohio last May. Sadly I crashed out of it on a transfer stage not very far into the race, but still had a blast and enjoyed the more communal atmosphere of the event. After that event I couldnt look at any other previous form of mtb racing I did in the same light. I'm planning on signing up day one of the Mayhem this year and try to do a couple in WV and one in Colorado on our Honeymoon!!

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    Because it's fun! When I used to race downhill years ago I always wanted more of an epic dh race, or a bunch of dh races in a row. My friends and I used to race each other like this all the time. Needless to say I was excited when enduro racing came about. I really like the social aspect of it too.

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    1.Fitness motivator/ push my self to new levels
    2.Travel to new places and ride the best trails
    3.Ride the best trails while they are closed to traffic
    4.Meet new people
    5.Go fast, balls out, nut job, full tilt fast. Can't do that without 3. as listed above.
    6.Fun, social format except while actually racing; then the competition is tight.
    7.Because I can

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    1. its fun to race enduro than xc/road
    2. I like my photo to be taken lol.
    3. compare my performance to other riders.
    4. ride on cool different trails, some trail are exclusive because it was built on a private
    property in Australia.
    5. Good for stress management.
    6. Free sausages & bun.
    7. free beer

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    I used to race everything under the sun on an xc bike; xc, marathons, 100 milers, 24hr solos.... But as grow older, start getting slower and that training time dwindles with kids & mortgages.

    Enduro has put the fun back into mountain biking. I wasn't getting any faster xc racing, but riding enduro seems there is always room for improvement. No matter how confident you feel at something, always seems like you can try to push just a little bit more to make it better. Plus descending fast and climbing slow, thats just the right way to do things. And when there's beers for you between stages, can't go wrong!

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