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    Training & diet

    Lets share our training regime and diet for preparation for enduro racing.

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    This is the first year I'm trying to be serious about racing since I'm signed up for an entire series. For me I'm fairly skilled on a bike, it's always been more a conditioning issue. I forced myself to sign up for an actual endurance race this year (full Growler). I've been putting in a ton of time base building, I'm over 500 miles since 2/1 with nearly 60k climbing. I'm also down 23lb. First race is a week from Saturday in Moab but unless I do really well I'm just using it to work out the kinks. Series starts in July. At 6' I'm hoping to lose another 10lb by then and come in at 180. If I continue to ride the way i have been I should be in pretty good shape. My resting HR is currently 44. As for diet, home cooked meals and less beer. I've found with so much riding though dieting isn't as much of an issue as fueling my body properly.
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    Just ride. For 2017 I'm at 1,579 miles and 91,000 ft of climbing so far. I usually try to hit 2k by memorial day and am easily on track for that. Rarely any beer, maybe 1 beer a month right now, dessert only on the weekends, salads for lunch. Circuit training at home minimum of twice a week for 30 minutes each. Structured training with intervals and workouts on the trainer during winter, lots of time on the fat bike. Also gotten out to Moab 4 times already this year, so feeling pretty good. I mix up the interval workouts with longer threshold work and some short sprint work. Also make sure to get in multiple big rides of 6-9 hours each. Also some big days back to back, in March did a 8 hour day followed by a 4 hour day, all on a loaded down fat bike for bike packing.

    I honestly think its just time on the bike, diversifying your workouts, ensuring you stay happy and mentally dedicated to quality time on the bike. I've been cognizant of working on a quality over quantity mindset lately, and what has actually occurred is I ride more cause I don't feel pressured internally to do anything I don't want to. Which in turn makes me happier riding and therefore riding longer. Seems counterintuitive but worked for me thus far.

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    I have been doing 4-6 hr rides with 25-30 miles adn 4k to 6k ft of climbing on each ride, as well as shorter after work rides. I do my longer rides like races, I pedal up a hill take a few min break then do a DH section where I am riding fast and sprinting out of corners and on flats. The climb back up and around and pick another DH section. I am lucky enough to have a local place I can make as big a day or as short of a day as my body can handle. I have been dong weight training and floor work at home/gym over winter. Starting a 6 day a week HIIT program on monday. My biggest downfall has always been lack of fitness, never tried at being fit or fast before. Just raced right off the couch whenever it sounded fun. However my results did not match my expectations so I figure I would try a little training this year and see. If I am still not doing as well as I like, its back to beer drinking and partying at the races.

    Diet.... Eat clean, and Eat A LOT! you need to eat a ton of good CLEAN low carb (portein and veggies/ fruit) food to fuel your body. Unless you are really overweight then anything over 2-3lbs of weight loss a week is not just fat it is muscle and water.

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