Shorter Races for beginners? Enduro? XC? What?-
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    Shorter Races for beginners? Enduro? XC? What?

    Have no idea where to post this. Just getting back on a bike after 10 years due to injuries. I want to race some easy 3-5 mile races with some technical, but nothing that is going to bust me up again. Do these types of race exist (in Texas) and if so what are they called or how do I find them? Thanks!
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    The only races that short are going to be kids races. Which, based on your time away, Im guessing you are not.

    Id just ride for fun for a while, build up your endurance, and think about racing when you can knock out 10-15 miles.

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    Maybe see if there are any short track mtb races in your area. The beginner class races might be close to your requested length. You'll probably be riding for 30 minutes at max heart rate.
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    I'm in my late 40's and only race on ocassion and not to win. The Bubba Series is great here in NE. Did the XC race at Highland last year and had a blast! All kinds of different types of, full sus, fat and plus. Had to settle for the Stache as it's all I had at the time. The distance was about 14 miles or 4 tough laps. It really depends on the venue and race, but yeah, I would work up to this after many 10-20 miles rides where you're pushing hard....base building is key!
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    There probably won't be anything that short, but you will easily find a beginner category XC race at ~8ish miles. Start slow and ride steady to see what it's like again...then come back next month and try again
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    Beginner XC races in my area are typically 5-7 miles, Beginner in XC is probably a good place to start. XC is probably going to have some techy bits, riding faster just makes them more techy. 'Easy' and 'Racing' don't really go together, but I think maybe you mean nothing too extreme re terrain and distance.
    Expect to start a bit too fast/excited, blow up a bit, and finish totally cooked, and want to do it again.
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