Hi guys,
Im selling my Bronson 2 cc which I enjoyed and loved for 18 months. Ive improved my riding skills considerably during this time and now looking for something fmore targeted for enduro and downhill.
With the recent discounts in evil I now have two options with my current budget:

- Evil with push + my current Lyrik 160mm
- new Firebird with X2 and Float 36 kashima - all new.

Has anyone ridden both? Any comments or suggestions? I know insurgent is a more fun bike and firebird more kind of a pure DH bike. Is that correct? I love the poppy attitude on the Bronson and wouldn't like to loose that. Is there a big difference in geometry betwwen the firebird and the evil?

I do quite a lot of climbing but strong descents aswell. I will also be going to Whistler in July so what do you guys recommend? I know the Insurgent has been out for longer and the firebird comes with boost, longer travel.. So is it a more advanced bike? Will the insurgent evolve aswell in 2018?

I will be using my Nobl TR33 wheelsset.

Also, im 6'3" and evil recommends Large and Pivot XL. But I tend to like downsizing a little bit ...

Thank you for the help.