Lapierre Spicy 516 or Knolly Chilcotin


Okay, time for me to do this, but a harder decision ive never made (not for along time anyway).

Ive spent two months researching bikes, specs, sizes, reviews and test rides. I wasnt in a hurry

..and in the process i've eliminated the following:

2013 Specialised Enduro Comp (got third place)
2013 Commencal Meta SX VIP (toptube too short in M)
2013 IBIS Mojo HD (too common and cant see how it would descend any better than the others)
2013 SC Nomad Carbon (seat tube too long in M)

and the shortlist is now:

2013 Lapierre Spicy 516 or the 2013 Knolly Chilcotin (custom build)

price wise, i discovered the knolly would cost me a few hundred bucks more but the build would all be parts i wanted. so price is not problem.

Both the Spicy and the Chilcotin tick the boxes and are both an exact size match for me, and coincidentaly but not suprisingly, in a Medium size, their geo is almost identical.

My riding varies alot. Some trail centre riding, some off piste light freeride, bike park grade downhill tracks and the infamous Fort William DH world cup track. So, needless to say the bike has to be an all rounder, and TOUGH.

So any thoughts on how to go forward as ive demo'd the spicy but there is nowehere in Scotland to demo the Chilcotin.