Changing up the stable - advice wanted!-
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    Changing up the stable - advice wanted!

    Hey all, I have a great problem to have but i'm not sure what to do... My current 3 bikes are a dream-bike ss build, Trek fuel ex 27.5 decked out and a trek slash. I currently love all the bikes but I find myself on the slash for 98% of my rides. The fuel only really gets ridden when I get the itch to go ride with my go-fast xc buddies on flat and fast trails. The ss is from my former ss racing days and it's such a nice bike I have a hard time parting with it. My 3 options are 1) sell the ss and use the money to replace one of the other two bikes with current latest and greatest of the respective bikes categories. 2) sell the fuel and get a remedy 29 for races and keep the slash for really rowdy riding and the occasional park trip. 3) replace the slash with the remedy 29 and probably upgrade fuel to maybe a more xc fs. I really like the sound of option 2 because I love the slash but realllly want to try the remedy 29 for races but i'm worried the two bikes would be too similar... ahh don't know what to do!

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    I vote for option 2 as well. NEVER sell a bike you truly love, trust me. I still regret selling my favorite hardtail from the 90's. Sure it wouldn't be a great or even good bike by today's standards but the memories I had on that bike can't be replaced. If I had it today it would be used more for commuting than trail riding but at least I'd still have that bike.
    (Runs off to closet to cry)

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