BME Angel Fire/Taos [Highlight Video]-
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    Good job! BME Angel Fire/Taos [Highlight Video]

    Hey all - I had the chance to be part of the camera crew at the BME Angel Fire/Taos event this past weekend. And I'm happy the say our final video from the event is up!

    Check 'er out here:

    It was a blast to shoot - it was just a 3 person camera crew, and we all hustled to get as much coverage as possible throughout the race. Myself and another filmer were up on the trails all weekend shooting, and the 3rd guy was at the finish line running interviews, etc.

    My favorite part was Stage 5; I couldn't believe how hard the racers were still working. Even though it was after 4pm and these guys and gals had been out there all day, they were still pushing it. That was really cool to witness first hand.

    As always, feedback on the video is appreciated.

    For the camera/techy guys out there: we shot on Canon dSLR's, and stabilized using glidecams, cranes, sliders, tripods and monopods. Lots and lots of gear to move around, but the results were totally worth it.

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    Video was nicely done. As always, more riding would have been cool, but great job either way. One question I have is why not use several GoPro's static mounted along the course? Seems like for a relatively minor investment you could run 4-8 at different spots on the course recording over 60-90 minutes and then edit them in. Just a thought.

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    That's a lot of work for 3 dudes, nicely done. Great coverage and great edit too!

    For the most part, I'd say keep doin' what you're doin'.... it looked tight and pro. Suggestions? I'd echo the GoPro comment above. even just a few set up with a remote - you could even them up in trees or other strange spots. Maybe a little quadcopter? But I'm sure you had plenty of footage to sift through and put together anyhow!

    If you haven't already, get that vid on Vital and Pinkbike...

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    Jerry Hazard Ė website

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    Very nice video!

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