Since I'm always thinking to myself, "I should get something up on MTBR about TSE" and am in here pimping Iron Cross I figured I'd whip up something quick and get a thread going about TSEpic 2012.

We've a bunch of stuff we're working on again for next year. We've been tweaking some of the stages and are introducing the "TSEpic Experience" option for anyone looking to take some of the stress of making the checkpoints in time or feeling any pressure to "race" during the week.

The Experience option lets riders start each day's stage 90-120min or so earlier than the race starts and take a bit more time to enjoy the awesome trails and greenery of Pennsylvania in the late spring.

We've some other we're working on too and as permits get filed and ducks all lined up we'll let you know what's shakin'.

Of course, you can always check the site too - Right now we have a round up of blogs from some of the ladies who took part this year. The guys blogs are coming soon and some interviews with some of the regular folks who've taken part in this gig.