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    Good job! Solo 24 hour race

    This will be my first solo 24 hour race and i need some advice. How should i tackle this by myself? when should i sleep, how many laps should i ride? what should my training be like to get ready for this? I am excited but at the same time humbled by this task. Being realistic i am not looking to win, but i would like to put up a good fight.

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    You think you are humbled now? Just wait....No, seriously my first solo race I went so overkill on all the 'stuff' I thought I might need. Extra bike everything, and way too much food, 3 helmets bla, bla bla...pretty funny now. Now I have a pretty tight checklist.
    Riding? That usually takes care of itself. I might not be the best to answer some of your questions, because I don't really race anyone but myself. That is why I love it.
    Good luck to you!

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    I am doing my 1st 24hr in 3 weeks and too have had lots of planning in mind, and all of the planning and thinking was spoiling the experience for me before even racing. Here are a few tips:
    • Start slow finish stronger, not Start really strong and not finish at all.
    • Make sure your bike is perfectly serviced and working before the race. New disk brake pads, new tyres perhaps, chain lubed etc.
    • Bring a compact tool kit, repair stand, spare tubes, a few other spares like rear mech, drop out replacment etc
    • Food that you'll want, snacks, soup, etc
    • Lights and a backup light.

    I could go on, and on but I think you get the idea of the type of things you need to think about.

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    Well, there's so much I could say. But the basic principle to go on would be don't do anything differently to what you normally do - in terms of the important stuff like your bike, what you eat, etc. If you avoid ever going anaerobic and keep fuelling yourself you should be able to go for the duration.

    Personally I've not felt the need to sleep - with a good set of lights the night laps are the most fun - the course tends to seem a little quieter and you will find that this is where you'll improve your position compared to others. There will be people who have gone too fast too soon and have to rest at night.

    If you're doing it completely solo - unsupported aswell, then the key is to be as efficient as possible when you're not on the course. If you can grab food that you can eat on the course and have figured out the best places on the course to eat, then that's a bonus. If you need to spend time cooking and taking care of lots of other stuff in the solo tent, then it is amazing how much time you lose when you could be on the course. 24 hours can really fly by when you're doing something you enjoy.

    There are bound to be times when you find it hard to motivate yourself to get out on the course. Maybe the weather has turned bad, or there are some killer climbs that you aren't looking forward to. You just have to think about the fun bits of the course - each time around enjoy them and look forward to them, and block out thoughts of the pain to get there.

    I've always taken too much food and stuff aswell - but there will always be something that you haven't thought of, or a new challenge that the day throws up. You never know what food you might crave, or what food you might normally eat but that you can't get down, so I'd rather have too much than too little. On the whole though, you should be planning to eat things that you're used to eating on long rides, especially with the specialty carb and isotonic drinks. It's not fun being unable to get and keep food down when you're facing another 18 hours of riding.

    Whatever happens, as long as you never forget that it is meant to be fun, then you should have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by links0311
    This will be my first solo 24 hour race and i need some advice. How should i tackle this by myself? when should i sleep, how many laps should i ride? what should my training be like to get ready for this? I am excited but at the same time humbled by this task. Being realistic i am not looking to win, but i would like to put up a good fight.
    Being your first 24 hour solo race you'll probably take way too much stuff like I did but you'll figure out what you really need once the race starts.
    - Start at a good pace you can keep for a long time and settle into the groove.
    -You can probably handle the daytime no problem with or without support. For the latter it'll help if you have several water bottles or extra camelbaks(or other packs) that you can prefill and grab each lap. Don't carry more water than you's HEAVY.
    -It's handy to eat while on the course.
    -The night laps might slow you down a little if you don't have support..warming up soup, changing lights, and so on.
    - Sleep? The body can do without sleep for 24 hours.
    - As far as training have you tried a 12 hour race?

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    Refueling is key!

    I think one of the most important things about endurance racing of any kind is learning your own body/mind and figuring out what it is that recharges your internal battery.

    The first key is finding out what you can successfully eat mid-race. Some people's stomachs get way out of sync, and they have a hard time choking down a pop tart; others can eat anything. One tip is that it is really tough to live on carbs alone during a long race (Gu gets pretty revolting after a few hours). You will need some proteins and fats mixed in there, and a healthy mix of salt and vitamins - energy drinks aren't always the way to go - sometimes you need some pringles and beer nuts.

    Rest is another way for some folks to re-charge. Some solos don't sleep at all, others feel like a million bucks after a 30 min nap and they're all set. Other folks I know like a solid 3hr sleep in the dead of the night while their lights are on the re-charger. Just remember, your support team means a lot in terms of your quality rest - if you know they're tuning your bike, and preping your gear the way you want it, then you can rest easy. One time my support crew was so drunk by midnight, that I was pretty much solo unsupported till about 9am the next day... Personally I get a boost from a hot shower and change of clothes in the middle of the night, much better to me than a nap.

    Finally, think in terms of riding for rewards. Again this is personal taste - a couple of my friends would sell their soul for a cold Coke after a few laps, others love brownies, and a few will drink a beer. Personally, nothing motivates me like the "sunrise cheeseburger" - the single greatest smell possible during an adventure/endurance race... If your support team is good, they'll have a reward for your (some type of surprise) every couple laps...

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