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    short duration, high intensity training for endurance racing?

    I'm wondering if anyone is having success applying a short duration training to endurance racing? I'm hearing about this from a variety of sources for road and XC <2hr events), but I'm wondering it would apply to ~12hr events.

    I bought the "Time Crunched Cyclist" book by Chris Carmichael a few years ago, but wrote it off as not particularly applicable to endurance racing. I've heard more about it recently, which is reigniting my interest.
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    Combining a Time Crunched 12-week block with one or more endurance blocks worked well for me. I've got more time to train now so don't need to do TC methods, but it worked great when I was using it.

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    I went with CTS this year for coaching. In 3 months my FTP has jumped >10%. I'm logging between 8 and 10 hours a week. My short sessions during the week are ~90 mins with a ~4hr ride on the weekend. When I was training on my own I was averaging 5hrs per week and thought I was killing it on my HIIT days. pft. Not. Even. Close. Anyway, I finished SM100 in the SS category in a little over 10hrs and CM100 in a little over 11hrs on those 5hrs/week volume numbers, with few rides longer than 2hrs.

    I would ask what your definition of short duration and high intensity is though. I'd also ask what your criteria is for whether or not that approach applies to longer endurance events. Do you want to podium? You aren't going to do that with 5hrs/week. Do you want to finish? Yeah, you should be able to get by with only 5hrs/week. It's going to hurt though. Potentially a lot.

    What I'm doing now with 10hrs/week of work is still what most would consider "short duration". As I mentioned before though, the intensity is way higher than what I'd subject myself to before. Part of that is because I have a power meter now too, so it keeps me honest when I want to be lazy and not put in the work. My session yesterday was a little over 1hr total time, but 2x25 @ 98% FTP. Monday's workout was 4x10 @ 110% FTP. These are effort levels I only ever subjected myself to in race settings before. Some people aren't cut out for that style of training though. It's hard, and brutal on the psyche when doing the work indoors while it's cold and snowy outside.

    My .02.

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    it's the only type of training i do and i race XCO and XCM as well as Stage races. Works a treat. Go for it!!

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    From my own fairly limited experience with this, I think the shorter/high intensity stuff (<90 minutes in my book) can get your fitness to a sufficient or even better place. But, then there is all of the other stuff that comes into play like bike fit/comfort, attention span, mental toughness, nutrition, etc. Itís really hard to train those things without spending several consecutive hours in the saddle. You donít need that all the time of course, but I think itís probably a good idea to build in 2-3 of those 4 hour plus efforts per month. They donít need to be intense.

    Also, for some reason, the long distance stuff is what helps me keep the weight off better. High intensity short workouts not so much.

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