Nutrition Canteen - Carrying Nutrition on Long Events-
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    Nutrition Canteen - Carrying Nutrition on Long Events

    I am working on a design idea for a bottle like container for carrying powder nutrition (think Hammer Heed or Sustained Energy, etc.), which is able to dispense the powder one serving size or scoop at a time.

    Why? My riding tends to focus on endurance events and I typically carry a resupply of my own nutrition, even for supported events. Like others I carry my resupply in a zip lock bag. I have figured out a way to open the bag just enough to get the powder in the bottle but never know exactly how much I dump in. Additionally during race events this process takes a while.

    I wanted a product that could quickly dispense a more accurate amount of my favorite powder nutrition product (which is my custom Infinit Nutrition blend). Unfortunately I could not find anything on the market so I designed one.

    I am curious if anyone else would find value in a product like this? And hopefully buy one. Thanks for your feedback!
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    Kinda reminds me of the Gel-bot.

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    Bought/tried a gel-bot...

    Waste of good cash.


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    send me a prototype...I've got a couple buddies that are doing the Iditarod Trail Invitational (not the dog race). pm for address.
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    Don't carry all your mix in one big bag. If you put one bottle's worth of mix in each bag, there's no guessing as to how much you dumped in the bottle. Just open the bag completely, fold over the top a little so the powder doesn't get all mucked up in the 'zipper', and dump the entire contents in the bottle. If there's a trash receptacle nearby, the bag goes there. Otherwise, back in your pocket.

    The beauty of individual ziploc bags vs some sort of container is that as you go along, your pockets get lighter and there's no empty container to contend with. Plus, there's no guessing as to how many bottles worth of mix you have left as you're out on course.

    One tip I'd share is to put your multiple bags into a separate bag before putting them into your jersey pocket or wherever. If you've ever had a baggie full of energy drink mix burst open in a jersey pocket, you know how hard it is to get the gunk out in the wash.

    I just finished bagging up my SE for tomorrow's roadie century ride. 3 bags worth of SE, each with enough SE for a 2hr bottle. I'll start with one mixed, carry the other two. Augment w/ a few gels, and BAM, good to go.

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    Agreed! Individual ziplocks (snack size) the way to go - been doing this for 5 years in hundies - definitely the way to go - takes any guess work out of how much your taking in - simplicity is the key.

    An yes, an exploding baggie in a rear pocket = huge sticky mess.

    Also - I use the really small (1" x 2") ziplocks to keep 2 endurolytes and 1 anti-fatigue in - consume one baggie per hour - usually carry enough of those for the whole race. Usually carry 2-5 baggies of perpetuem between appropriate aid stations - usually have the day planned out. Use a bento box to store.

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