Giant anthem vs Titus Motolite - Xc/enduro riding-

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    Giant anthem vs Titus Motolite - Xc/enduro riding


    As some of you may know, I have a Titus motolite and I love the bike. I ride the trails out east, near Quebec (Mont St Anne, etc.), thus lots of rocks, roots, wet, slippery conditions. I want to get back into endurance racing (1 day to 3 days xc riding), and used to do so on a hardtail. I did the Raid Pierre Harvey in 2001 (300 km in 3 days, painfull as hell but so rewarding!) and I would like to do similar races. My kind of xc riding is having fun, train, I like going fast uphill if I can manage it and I am not scared going downhill. So, I'm torn:

    Should I keep the motolite and change the wheels and other components to make it lighter ie to my liking (yet that will involve some serious $$$) (My motolite is the 2006 generation, so more of xc geometry angles) OR

    Should I sell the motolite (snif snif) and get a Giant anthem XO (4 inches of travel) ?

    I wonder if it is worth it and the feeling difference? I'm gessing that with the anthem (it's like the older generation of the Trance really), I will get back to my hardtail feeling (I felt that the acceleration on going uphill with the Motolite where less efficient then with my hardtail; yet again this might be because I was less in shape lol lol)

    Let me know! Keep, sell or see at the end of season? :P

    ps. My motolite weight around 27 lbs, with very good components. If I change the wheels, I may save up to 1 lbs. Next year, I could change the drivetrain and other bits, and get it even lower - maybe. Money might be an issue.
    pss. The giant anthem x0 is supposed to weight around 23-24lbs with stock components.

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    while I have never ridden an anthem in any form I do have a motolite.

    I have heard good reviews on both. I think what it comes down to is what you are comfortable with and what you are out to do.

    For me I ride my motolite everywhere. I have used it on xc races, mid length and endurance races. So from 10 to 100 miles. I am primarily out to race myself/have fun and either finish a challenge or improve on the previous years effort. The one huge difference I made was swapping out the cheap/heavy wheelset that I originally had for something lighter. Lighter tires also make a world of difference (currently loving conti race kings). The rest of my build is not super light, but not over the top either. I do have some further changes in mind, but they are on hold and will come up as funds allow. For me it is the one bike I have that will not beat me to death over the course of long races. I really cannot justify another full susser for racing at the moment so I am sticking with what I have.

    now if I were hyper competitive and at a higher level it would probably be worth it to get something else. For me that list includes racer x 29er or the new X from Titus. I would also try to test as many other bikes as I could.

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    I have a Titus motolite and I love the bike.
    I think you answered your own question. If you like the bike and are having fun on it, don't get rid of it. That would be craziness.
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    the athem will be a little lighter, but besides that your not going to gain much. I'd put you money into lighter parts and then change over to a XC frame down the road.

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