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    Endurance racing nutrition-Off bike

    Heres a thread to talk about eating habits and all your "diets". The other thread is about on the bike, racing and training.

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    What do you eat before and during the race. Please define if your a stage racer or 24 racer. I'm hoping to learn how I survive the tour Dee France and place at a 24 hour race

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    Good one Lane, this should be interesting! This can be a big can-o-worms...

    I am pretty simple with my daily nutrition, I just try and eat clean. By clean I mean if it grows from the earth Ill eat it. The last several years I have been slowly cleaning up my diet (which was already pretty good my whole life), mainly focusing on cutting out all processed foods and doing all my own food prep. I have been stripping anything unnecessary away from my diet. The biggest change has been how I view food, I now look at it as fuel, not as something I do for "enjoyment".

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    Ohhh... I just read the last few post in the race nutrition thread, now I see why you started this one. However it came about I think it is very important aspect of the big picture, so I am interested in hearing what people are doing. I don't have all the answers that is for sure, but I know as long as I am working at improving all aspects of my life and training Ill be better for it. I hope...

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    Good thread. I'm interested to hear what others do as well.

    I ride 9-11 hours a week, and I'm training for 50 mile events.

    Here's my typical regimen that I adhere to, there's usually a day or two a week where I go out for dinner with friends, but my choices tend to be on the healthy side more often than not:

    Plain yogurt, a handful of berries, and granola OR steel cut oats with a handful of berries

    Mid morning snack:
    whole wheat english muffin with fresh PB and honey

    Typically leftovers (see dinner below) sometimes PB&J, occasional lunch out

    Afternoon snacks:
    Banana, Apple, citrus if I'm fighting off a cold, Nature valley granola bar if I'm exceptionally hungry that day.

    here are a few of my typical dinner concoctions:
    - pasta with spicy sausage and fresh tomato, onion, mushrooms, peppers cooked in.
    - portobello mushrooms with long grain rice and asparagus
    - hearty salad: baby spinach, scrambled egg, walnuts, feta, cranberries, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette
    - pizza made from scratch, overflowing with vegetables

    I drink a lot of water throughout the entire day, probably ~2 liters (64oz). I've got a sodastream that provides a bit more to drinking straight water, and I often squeeze a lemon into it at work. At home I drink cranberry juice (100%), 1/2 to 3/4 fizzed water and the rest of the glass is juice.

    I recently picked up Runner's World: Meals on the Run and have been really happy with the meals that this book provides. It has flavor, it's healthy, good for recovery, and they are fast to put together.

    I plan my meals at the beginning of the week, it helps me stay on track with eating healthy, and puts me with just one run to the grocery store.
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    I meal prep Sunday afternoon. Normally make a casserole type dish with all my macros for Sunday night through Friday morning. 6 cups quinoa, 1lb baby spinach, 1lb baby kale, two blocks Kerry gold, four pounds grass fed ground beef, home made spaghetti sauce, parm cheese. Then on Friday night and Saturday I'll eat breads and other carb rich food. Pizza, pasta, and ect. Ride about eight hours after work during the week and six to eight on the weekend if the weather is right.

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    I am 53 1/2, weigh 181 (today; goal is 185), 5’10”, and very muscular/lean/fit. I was a “fast-twitch” guy when I was younger (ran the sprints in track and played football as a DB through college). Now, I’m an endurance XC SS rider, and still lift hard 3x per week. I would characterize myself as being in the best shape of my life at 53, after a life of competitive athletics and intense fitness orientation.

    I had always subscribed to the mantra of “everything in moderation”, and figured I could eat whatever I wanted, since I worked out hard. Well, that calculus changes when you hit your mid/late-40’s. Four years ago (1/1/14), I had crept up to 199 lbs, and had gained some thickness around the middle. I started counting calories for the first time ever (in and out) with the LoseIt app (like MyFitnessPal, but better, IMO), and promptly got down to the low-180’s. I learned that I am a “portion hog”, and eat portions that are WAY too big, and I snack a lot (including pretzels - bad!). Counting calories allowed to me to learn this, and manage it.

    After a couple years of strict and consistent counting, I had learned a lot, and got away from it towards the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. My weight started creeping back up (I weigh myself every day).

    I love beer, and am a social/moderate drinker (no problems), but love IPA’s, in particular. I loved them too much the last part of 2017, and picked up what I called my “baby bump” - a little bulge of belly fat that was unacceptable to me. My weight went to 190, +/-, and I wanted to get it back to 185, so as of Jan 1 this year, I went back to strictly counting via LoseIt, and I also did Dry January, and gave up alcohol for the first time in my adult life. The excess weight dropped right off, and I am leaner than ever. And I have felt so good, that I have stayed dry. I don’t miss it at all, and won’t imbibe simply out of “habit”. I feel and look too good to do so.

    I share all that for context. I don’t have a particular diet, per se, other than meticulously counting and tracking my calories. That said, I really try to watch my refined carbs, as they have a very negative effect on a lot of things. I try to eat plenty of protein, and am not real concerned about fat. I am more concerned about refined carbs rather than fat. I try to eat reasonably healthy, but don’t really worry about it. I eat pizza, In-and-Out burger, etc, but all in the context of my allotted calories.

    Leading up to a race, I try to “carb load” within reason, to build glycogen stores, and hydrate with water, but otherwise don’t really worry about it. Day of the race, I picked up the tip of steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and bananas, and that is an excellent pre-race meal for me. I get lots of stored energy out of that.

    That’s about it. A bit rambly, but I have put a lot of thought and energy into all of the above over the past 4 years, and am getting more and more into proper nutrition and hydration, both off and on the bike. I have never really cared, but I realize I have to now, to hit the goals I want to hit.

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