• 04-10-2009
    Doing a long ride with a roadie group tomorrow, should I ride my MTB?
    My first endurance race (8 hr) is coming up and I thought this might be the perfect way to train. It just hit me today that maybe I should just ride my MTB that I'm using for the specific race? I can't really think of any reason not to, but any suggestions?

    It's a pretty laid back group, so I'm pretty sure I won't get dropped. It's also gonna be 100% smoooooth pavement.
  • 04-10-2009
    Ride a road bike and hammer. So what if they're laid back, 2 or 3 of them will make you feel pain. I used a lot of long road rides to prepare for some epic 100 mile dirt races. It helps. There is nothing like slogging through 10K of climbing on a road bike in a gear that you're not used to.

    If it's a flat ride in a pace line, do some long turns at the front and punish your friends on the climb.
  • 04-11-2009
    I will take my mountain bike on the road when I'm riding with a few friends who are not as strong, and I do most of the pulling. It is the only way for me to get a real workout when riding with them.

    But when I'm riding with a big group of roadies, such as the local bike shop ride, I get on the road bike and go hang with the "A" group. It absolutely kicks my butt, especially when I take turns helping pull, and is great training. Those stinkin' roadies can get in great shape. I live in Florida, we don't have long climbs on the mountain bike, so the best way to get long, steady efforts with consistent pedaling is to get out there on the road.