• 07-12-2009
    can u absorb more than 30oz p/hr?
    After reading Dr. Misner's article on hydration and many of the posts below, as well as from my own exp and the riders i ride with I have concluded that maximizing hydration, nailing mineral input to avoid cramping and de-hydration is a complete mystery to me.
    I sweet profusely, i mean within two hrs of a 95 deg 95%humidity ride my shoes are even wet from sweat.
    Ive tried hydrating the day before the event, careful not to over hydrate, even gylcering loading. My last four hr high intensity ride in upper 90s high humidity. At the 2hr mark i was thirsty, i continued to drink 30 oz per hour, hammer gel every 20. At the 3hr mark , headache, twinges, the prelude to cramping. 330mark out of water and fatigue with a bit of neausea. Cramping, walking. Later that afternoon off the bike, dehibilitating cramps and micro spasms all up and down my legs.
    I think everyone is different what works for some doesnt work for others.
    If i drink more than 30oz of water per hour is it absorbable?
    I havnt tried endurolytes but will.
  • 07-12-2009
    I have drank 100oz in 2hr 30min and did not have to pee. I'm no expert here but I think it's safe to assume that you can absorb more than 30oz/hr. (especially in the conditions you are talking about)
  • 07-12-2009
    read http://www.collegeathletictrainer.or...loads/0207.pdf

    ACSM position stand in fluids

    Calculate your sweat rate http://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/nutrit...athletes_sweat

    Hammer won't give you the upper limit of 800 mg of sodium/L (that you should get in this case) and depending on tolerance, but in general, answer is yes

    read about gastric empying, you can go higher (try during training and see intensity and what decreases emptying rates like osmolality, etc)