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    5 weeks off at sea level - mid season

    Curious how much fitness you lose after 5 weeks off. I had a 50 miler and a 12hr race under my belt as well as about 1200 dirt miles for base before my 5 week hiatus. I ride and race at generally 5-8000 ft. Could i get ready for another 50miler in 5 weeks after that time off? Or would that be rushing it.

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    1-2 weeks off > fitness is back in a week or so
    2+ weeks off > takes a month to get back to where you were

    My advice is to get your run on. Ramp up slow if you haven't been running much so you don't hurt yourself. Do your core and strength work during this time as well. You'll still lose some, but not as much as fast and you can tap into some extra strength when you come back. You'll also avoid gaining weight by doing this, which for me is possibly the bigger risk. My appetite doesn't drop off as fast when I take time off, so my 4k Calories/day is double my requirement if I'm not riding/running/working out in some way.

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    pOrk I would say depends on your general core fitness and willingness to suffer. 50 miler if not too technical and grueling should be doable if you stayed somewhat active, even walking. Also general knowledge on how to pace, fuel, prepare, taper extra. If you were doing 12 hours I would think some like 3.5 weeks good training with rest days before your endurace rides mixed in with a 8-10 day taper should get you to a 50 miler easy. Make sure comfort, postion, clothing, nutriton, pacing is dialed in and that should be worth enjoying.

    bottom Line should be doable just prepare well with what you got left.
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