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    2 weeks to go - 3 day stage race - how much training should I do?


    I've got 2 weeks left before a 3 day stage race that goes like this:

    Day 1: 5km time trial
    Day 2: 20km + 500m climb, 6km downhill, 20km +300m climbing
    Day 3: 45km + 750m climbing.

    I've been riding as much as family/work allows, my Strava says about 4-7 hours a week for last 3 months and this last weekend I rode the equivalent of 80% of the race at 80% race pace. Felt OK, legs a little sore.

    How much do you think I should be doing in the last 2 weeks?

    For the last week work will make it difficult to do anything but 1 high cadence ride (40-50 mins).

    Any advice appreciated!


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    I'm definitely NOT an expert, but I've read several times that there isn't much you can do to improve performance in the last couple weeks before a race, but you can definitely hurt it. It sounds like work will force a "taper" of sorts on you.

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    I think your normal limit of 4-7 hours this week, and your work-limited second week will work out fine. You could do a little more that second week.

    Always remember that the last week before a big endurance race is too late to gain much fitness, but allows plenty of time to gain fatigue.

    Have fun out there!.

    EDIT: Like notso said above. I think we were typing at the same time.
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    I'm sure you've already spun out the fatigue from your long weekend ride. Your fitness is what it is at this point as said above, so for the last week you want to lower the volume anyway but keep some intensity to stay sharp. Work schedule lowers the volume for you anyway, so nothing to worry about there.

    If you can fit in 2 workouts rather than just the 1, I'd do something like short 2-min VO2 max type efforts with long rest periods between them. Two sets of 3 or something with a long break between sets... you could be done in under an hour and have done some intensity to stay sharp and any fatigue would be shed quickly.

    I like those types of rides before a race because it's sort of a reminder of what it feels like to work hard, has me eager to race, and doesn't gain any fatigue.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Really helps me feel OK about the plan going in!

    A few muscle tweaks/strains limited my riding on the last weekend before the race and work is predictably arduous this week. Will get 1 short road ride before the race and that will have to do which I guess is not a bad thing.

    Thanks again for the advice!

    Love isn't blind... its retarded.

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